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With Lumenate - the app that "Makes you trip"


We miss live music events, our beloved techno parties and dancing. Most of all we miss the atmosphere and the energy, the ecstatic feeling of freedom and carefreeness, the sense of letting our worries go.

Rest assured, here's good news for the ravers who miss the trippy sensation, which almost always goes hand in hand with these parties. Your country went into a new lockdown? No problem. Now, you can "rave at home" with Lumenate - the app that "makes you trip".


Explore your subconsciousness quickly and safely!

According to the app's creators, the UK software engineers Tom Galea and Jay Conlon, Lumenate's goal is to "make subconscious exploration more accessible than ever before."

The new smartphone app is advertised as a tool that can alter your consciousness, putting you into a state between psychedelic high and deep meditation. It takes only one simple touch on your smartphone's screen for you to change your brain's rhythm. Lumenate uses flickering lights to help you feel like you're tripping on LSD, but instead of getting "stuck" in a prolonged high, you can quickly get back to your normal state within a single swipe.

Using Lumenate is effortless, and there is no skill required. The app guides you through, asking you to "get yourself comfortable, turn your phone so the flashlight is facing you, close your eyes then fall effortlessly into a calming and immersive journey through a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of colors created by your subconscious."

"From interviewing people at Burning Man about what freedom means to them, to months of EEG brain scans developing and optimizing our method of inducing altered-states using light and sound, our journey has been anything but ordinary," reads Lumenate's website.


What makes Lumenate different?

The creators say that Lumenate "uses research-driven stroboscopic light sequences from the users' phone torch to guide the brain into a unique and powerful altered state of consciousness between deep meditation and classic psychedelics." 

Every Lumenate session has a unique soundtrack combining voice guiding with purpose composed music to help steer and accompany you on your subconscious voyages. The creators also claim that the app is designed with guidance from world-leading psychedelic researchers. They promise that Lumenate brings together guided intention setting and experience integration exercises to maximize each exploration's impact.


The historical roots of the concept

Using flickering light to alter consciousness isn't exactly a new concept. In 1819 the Czech scientist Jan Purkinje recorded visual phenomena as he waved a hand between a gaslight and his eyes. 

In the early 1960s, the use of stroboscopic light became a mainstream practice. For example, the surrealist artist Brion Gysin and Cambridge scientist Ian Sommerville developed the "Dreamachine" (a cylinder with side slits and a lightbulb at its center. The cylinder spun at 78 revolutions a minute on a turntable.) People would sit in front of the revolving cylinder with their eyes shut, which would eventually result in hallucinatory montages of colors and shapes inducing a trance-like state.


People are going crazy over Lumenate

The app has had over 25,000 downloads since launching on 2nd March. It has also attracted the famous actress and Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike's attention, who decided to invest in the company and become its creative director.

A Lumenate App testing participant has stated that the app "taps into emotion, it taps into memory, it taps into cognition, it taps into imagination. The way this technology allows you to perceive these often abstract things is really remarkable."

Until our next live rave, Lumenate certainly seems like the perfect way to "rave" at home and get the LSD-like high in a safe environment. Would you give it a try? 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: mellowed.nl

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