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Traktor: Techno still loves you


A New Millennium

German music equipment company Native Instruments debuted Traktor as a software for DJs in the year 2000. This era was a turning point in the evolution of DJing, as it was moving away from vinyl itself and becoming more electronic.Traditional turntables were being replaced with small spinning control wheels. Bottomless song libraries replaced record crates. More futuristic. More Y2K. 

Traktor was once at the top of the record stack of the most popular DJ softwares on the market. But over the years, the brand has definitely ceded ground to more consumer and hip hop friendly options such as Serato. But a slip in market dominance doesn’t mean a slide in popularity or credibility. For over twenty years, the Traktor name has been a sweetheart to dance music DJs around the world.



Perhaps Serato may be better or easier to use for the novice or amatuer DJ. But Traktor is for when the DJ is ready to become the performer. You can remix live more naturally with Traktor Pro. Drop a well timed movie sample in the song at the touch of a button. No doubt the program’s collection of eclectic, Techno sounding effects helps make Traktor the preferred brand for a vast number of Techno DJs. Or maybe it's the superior syncing capability that Traktor Pro seems to have over other softwares. It just seems more suited to the EDM world as a whole. 

You could own Traktor Pro for about 100 Euros. Which actually makes it about 40 Euros cheaper than the standard Serato DJ software. So if Serato is more user friendly, the Traktor software is more financially friendly. And to say Serato is easier to learn is not to portray Traktor as difficult to use. On the contrary, many DJs start on a Serato and advance to Traktor when they want to gain more creative control of the party. 

Regardless, there is no need to cry for Traktor because it’s not the heavyweight champion of DJ softwares. Since 2005, Native Instruments has extended the Traktor banner to include mixers, controllers and other DJ hardware. What is refreshing about Traktor’s production model is the hardware is actually software centric, meaning it’s built around what the unique software can do. It creates a streamlined compatibility. This serves to cement a solid fan base of brand loyalists. They become “Traktor people”. Devoted to a brand the same way that loyalists are devoted to Apple. So Traktor is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the Traktor name is even more visible than before. 

The era in which we live now could be seen as the golden age of deejaying. The man in the booth has now replaced the band on the stage as the center of the party. We live in a world that contains such a wide selection of DJ hardware and software to help anybody rock a party or a club like a Carl Cox. And when trying to build your setup to become the quintessential Techno DJ, one name is looked to more than most and that’s Traktor.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: djmag.com

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