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Deeper Focus... Music made by artists and machines


Technology and Artificial intelligence have always amused the world with their progress. When it comes to music, Endel, a company that generates customized soundscapes, has announced cooperation with Richie Hawtin-AKA Plastikman British-Canadian electronic musician’- to create personalized soundscapes that are scientifically engineered.

As the world experiences massive levels of distractions, Endel tries to help by generating music that manages to ease inner fears. Relaxation in free time and deep focus in work time are the main goals of Endel’s music. It can adjust the rhythm according to the mental state at the very moment the customer is listening by tracking the heart rate, checking the surrounding weather, natural light exposure, and recording the physical activity rate. 


How does it work

‘Deeper focus’ project was born in Berlin and results from the cooperation between Richie Hawtin AKA Plastikman, and Endel. Hawtin supports Endel with carefully chosen music elements and beats, which are synchronized later to the listener’s heart rate. Using Endel’s AI, distractions can be cut out with neuroscience-backed frequencies. Hawtin’s music elements are scientifically engineered to achieve a deeper focus.

Hawtin describes the music elements he shares with Endel as ‘Lego blocks’ that AI fits together to generate unlimited customized music pieces. The AI technology re-adjusts the music to be personalized into new forms that fit with each customer individually. Hawtin’s material and frequency samples are fed into the AI algorithm that makes the final performance. 

“I use silence and the absence of sound to create a comfortable and a safe space, allowing room for each person’s own ideas and direction” Richie Hawtin describes. Good to mention that the Neuroscientific studies have proved the positive effect of this technology on deep focus and concentration. 


Tools used in Deeper Focus

Endel’s work depends on using Artificial Intelligence technology besides engineered soundscapes to fit with users’ needs. This progress can never exclude the artist's role in music-making. The artist decides which music elements to be given to the machine in order to generate the engineered soundscape. This operation of interaction between the artist and the machine comes in the best interest of the consumer. Endel and Richie Hawtin’s music can be listened to via Endel’s Mac and iOS applications that customize soundscapes according to the user’s heart rate and surrounding conditions to help him relax, sleep, or work. The app can be downloaded with a one-week free trial and then 32.99 euros per year.

Plastikman’s musical background in sound architecture was the main reason behind choosing him for this task with Endel. AI will always need a human artist to pick the music elements to be engineered. According to Endel, the results of Plastikman’s work and AI technology feel like a superpower.

Similar projects

Endel’s cooperation with Richie Hawtin is not the first in the field of AI music. Previously, Endel focused on the quality of sleep by cooperating with Grimes to produce the ‘AI Lullaby’ soundscape which is also available on Endel’s applications. The Endel-Grimes project released last fall aims in strengthening sleep patterns for children as well as adults. Alan Watts also has a project with Endel that is going to be released soon.



Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: deeper.endel.io

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