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Best Phones for audio playback


We understand that many of you prefer to get your sound from professional reaching amplifiers or in large venues with sleek sound systems, but if you are a music file like us, we have you covered. 

For those who want to take their music-hearing experience to the next level, we've compiled a completely subjective to our preferences and certainly not an exhaustive list of the best phones out there for playback of audio and recording. 

Choosing one of the best phones for music isn't as straightforward as picking the best or most expensive phone, because music and audio aren't always the priority of every phone manufacturer. For example, the higher the price of your handset, the less likely it is to have a headphone jack - a major omission for fans of wired audio. The finest devices for music range in cost from budget to premium, and they are manufactured by some of the world's largest smartphone brands. 

Our compilation of the best phones for tunes proves that you don't always need the most recent or most expensive model to get the job done. 


Best phones; Techno 24/7 edition

We have the top two smartphone options that check a lot of boxes for music lovers out of all the choices available. 


  1. The LG G8S ThinQ is the first to come to mind, thanks to its onboard 32-bit Quad HiFi DAC, which produces some of the best audio you're likely to hear on a phone right today. It also has a standard headphone jack. Because the LG G8S ThinQ has a headphone port, you can couple it with the best over-ear headphones for the excellent sound experience you can get while on the go. The Air Motion characteristic is our favorite extra. This allows you to control volume and other features with Jedi-like hand gestures. That's pretty cool, isn't it? The best phone for music listening available right now, without a doubt.

  2. The other one is the Samsung Galaxy S20, which has excellent audio quality, plenty of storage for all your favorite tunes, games, and other media, microSD expansion, and, of course, excellent display, camera, and battery life. This is the music phone to have if you want to cover all of your bases. The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a pair of specially tuned AKG USB-C earbuds, ensuring that you get the best quality in your ears right from the start. And, thanks to a plethora of high-quality format support, that heart is particularly strong when it comes to audio.


Of course, the market is full of other options; If you are on a tight budget the updated Nokia 3310 keeps your music playing for days. In particular it can go on for an incredible 51 hours of continuous music playback. Fifty and one hours! If you're a fan of Apple,and rather used to its pricey approach, which may even be justified if you consider the iPhone 11 Pro as a music source. This is primarily due to the Apple H1 or W1 chip. For a genuinely loud performance and if you don’t mind it's not so...tasteful aesthetics check out Razer Phone 2. 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: gstylemag.com

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