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The Techno Scene in Croatia


Located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is a relatively small but geographically diverse and culturally rich Mediterranean country. This crescent-shaped piece of land borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has always lured tourists with its gorgeous Adriatic coast, beautiful beaches, fascinating towns, and offshore islands.

Croatia's capital Zagreb has always been and will remain the center of the most significant cultural happenings in the country. Zagreb has been home to the Croatian techno and electronic music scene since the early '90s - right when the country started rebuilding itself after the war for independence and started transitioning from communism to capitalism.

These changes gave birth to a new party culture. Unfortunately, the strict regulations of the country's nightlife pushed the techno scene further underground. Today however, numerous electronic and techno music venues, promoter groups, DIY record labels, and local producers speak loudly of the subculture's growth.

If the road ever takes you to Croatia and you want to have a taste of its rave culture, these are the places we recommend you to visit.

Masters Club

Are you ready for an unforgettable party? Then head to the Masters Club. It may be a bit further from the city center but is one of the most popular and most loved nightclubs in the country. 

Masters Club is more than just a club - it's become an institution with a capacity of 120 people, fantastic music programming, and the best sound system in Zagreb. 

The club wins its guests' hearts with its cozy wooden interior, slightly illuminated by dim lights and a few candles, providing visitors with a unique and intimate clubbing experience. Masters Club fits various music tastes - besides techno, you will also be able to enjoy some house, disco, as well as dub & reggae.

The club owners, the DJs, promoters, and visitors, pour their heart and soul into this place, and the clubbing community has saved it from closure twice. 



If you are willing to take a 15-minute walk south of the train station, you will find one of the biggest music venues in Zagreb - Boogaloo, a 1,500-capacity DJ club, and a live venue. 

The club is very spacious as it is located in a former cinema and cultural center – a scene of seminal shows by Laibach and Einstürzende Neubauten in the mid-1980s. 

Its visitors love its atmosphere, the sound quality, and the light shows. Besides techno and electronic raves, Boogaloo is also known for its varied schedule of retro parties, house DJs, and live international metal acts. 


Depo is located in an old warehouse tucked away in the industrial outskirts. It is known for its sizable concrete dancefloor, a rudimentary bar, and a new technicolor light ceiling. 

Here you'll find one of the best house, disco, and techno parties in Zagreb. Fridays and Saturdays are mostly reserved for Techno parties that last until 6 am. 

Depo has become a cult place for electronic and techno music in Zagreb since it started bringing in the best international and local names. The club also hosts festivals such as The Future Sound of Zagreb, which brings Croatia's best DJs and dance musicians together. 


Conveniently located in the center of Zagreb, right next to the central train station, Taboo Club hosts world-famous DJs and is well-known as the best after-party place in town. 

While it is primarily a techno music club, you may expect some fantastic house, disco, and theme parties as well.

The visitors love it for its impeccable sound systems and light displays. The club is LGBT-friendly too. 


If you are still struggling to determine where to go this summer, maybe this will help you make a decision. And, honestly, "techno, beaches, and seafood" sounds like a decision already made! 

So, pack your essentials, boost your party spirit and book a flight to Croatia for an unforgettable Summer.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: ra.co

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