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With the fall of the Wall came the rise of the Club. Since its inception in East Berlin in 1991, Tresor, aka "The Vault", has been one of techno's most important venues to date. Quite simply, techno would not be what it is today without this German landmark. Alongside Tresor Records, the Tresor brand had as much influence on the industry's history as any other and continues their legacy still to this day.

With a label roster consisting of Jeff Mills, Blake Baxter, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Pacau, DJ Surgeon and Cristian Vogel; their release catalogue alone is enough to give one a proper techno education. Touted by some as the best techno club in Berlin, Tresor's impact on the techno world in Berlin is unparalleled.

Located just next to the Spree River in West Berlin, Tresor's presence is felt throughout the entire country. Ranked #15 on TripAdvisor's Berlin Nightlife list, nearly 30 restaurants surround the nearby area if you're looking for a bite to eat before the night's activities. 

As the world's longest running techno venue, the memories and adventures had at Tresor are countless. Going until the sun comes up, techno lovers can expect a proper night of dancing, grooving and being fulfilled with the power of techno all night and into the morning. 

Going hand-in-hand with Berlin's techno history and birth, Tresor single handedly is responsible for what techno has been, currently is and what will be in Berlin. Amidst the pandemic this year, the club has also launched a crowd-funding campaign consisting of rare images, music and merch to help aid in the recuperation of lost income since March. If you're having withdrawals, you can make matters worse by grabbing a bottle of perfume that has been designed to smell like the historic landmark

Responsible for bringing West and East Berlin electronic music lovers after the fall of the Wall, the power and love of Tresor and techno is unmatched. As the city came together, techno was the binding force. Who knows what techno and Germany would look like had it not been for the birth of Tresor nearly 30 years ago.

A facelift in 2007 rejuvenated the tech juices and Tresor has not looked back since. By continuing to bring people together and creating a place for techno to thrive, we can only hope that we will be able to go back to the dance floor soon.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: Tresor

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