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MS Treue Club 

Nestled on the banks of the Wesser River in Bremen located in North West Germany, there lies an old boat. Inside the boat’s underbelly, rests an underground oasis over the water. MS Treue is this boat, with one of the Techno club scene’s best kept secrets waiting below deck. With a capacity of just 200, the vibe and setting is intimate to say the least. Throw in a weekly event series and you've got a perfect concoction of life's simplest treasures, coming together to create something beautiful.

Imagine yourself below deck and dancing along to some of the best up and coming acts in Techno. A venue like no other, MS Treue has carved out a piece for itself in the German Techno scene with Techno lovers from all over making their exodus to the Treue. With an already saturated club scene both within Germany and the surrounding areas, its venues like MS Treue that stand out. Providing one of the most intimate atmospheres in the industry also has much to do with standing out. From festivals, the mega clubs and nightclubs, MS Treue's emphasis is bringing the people closer together and in smaller numbers.

By bringing the masses closer together and in far smaller numbers, a pure intimate and solid experience is to be expected. Perfect for a night with your close friends, you're destined to make new connections simply by encountering the same face more than once during the course of the evening.

Add all this with the impact of Techno and you'd soon not forget your night on the MS Treue. Throw in names like Treibgut, Bretterboot, Ravenschwarz, Sporttekkno, Volle Breitseite, Acronym, Delusion, Lina & Gwen Wayne, Esshar, Deimos, Minimüller and TiM Taste and you've got one hot bed of underground Techno. Enter by a foot bridge and go below deck to ensure a night of quality, connectivity and some of the best up and coming names in the scene.

MS Treue also brings a solid Soundcloud account to pair with their featured artist at the venue. By being able to check out an artists' music or past sets before the gig is always a plus, and even more so after the gig is well and over. Plus with the ability to listen to past sets at MS Treue is a pure blessing, as we all know what happens when we find a mix or set that we really fall in love with.

All of these elements make up what the MS Treue is all about; organic connection through music in an intimate setting. Hope to see you on board soon when we're able to and happy travel everyone, no matter what sea you might be sailing on at the moment. 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: MS Treue

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