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Fabrik: Madrid’s first techno club made it to the top


In the outskirts of the Spanish capital Madrid, a scape ticket can be purchased into a parallel universe of beats and visions. That’s what a trip to Fabrik club guarantees to its explorers. We’re going to dive deeply into Fabrik’s atmosphere to discover what’s so fabulous about it.


Special Personality

Located close to Madrid, still a target for party travellers and techno ravers. Thanks to the catchy design, Fabrik has earned its place inside the hearts of ravers all around the world. Fabrik was built seventeen years ago with the main room that hosts the largest number of Fabrik’s ravers. This hall is characterized by eye-catching visual technology and giant lighting systems, lasers, and screens. The hall pieces of equipment and technologies make sure to keep you well blended with the raving atmosphere of techno, EDM, and house music.

Not only this but Fabrik still also has five more rooms, The newest of them is the “hangar stage”. It brings a feeling of a cave which works perfectly in letting go of the wildness inside of a raver’s heart. The new room was first opened in 2019 with a capacity of 2.000 ravers and a brand new L-Acoustics sound system.

Being away from the sea in Madrid, is an obstacle Fabrik got over with. They made a river  for their outdoor terrace beside the water activities. No wonder this open area helped the raving spirit survive through the hard year of covid-19.


Attraction for ravers at home

Not every club could make the balance between social distancing and keeping spirits high, After the ban was lifted on nightlife venues in Spain, Fabrik returned with the open areas ready for raving and music. That made it a unique destination for party lovers in the corona time. For more safety, Fabrik launched streaming Techno parties so everyone can keep it high at home.


International Carnivals

A club that hosts CODE events and Elrow parties five times a year is hardly being resisted. That’s why every year Fabrik entertains thousands of ravers and travelling party ravers from all around the world. By offering comfy rooms, and breakfast bars for travellers. More to know, Fabrik was chosen as one of the best 100 clubs all over the world by DJ Mag for the tenth year in a row. These clubs get chosen according to the themes, fashion, designs, and consumer trends which are things that Fabrik can keep well-managed

Fabrik keeps its weekend parties highly entertaining by hosting several carnivals with famous techno musicians. Last year, Elrow threw a colourful Carnival on the beats of Paco Osuna as a master of ceremonies. According to the ravers it was described as “the greatest immersive experience you can dream of”.

Besides Osuna, Fabrik has always been a gathering place for many house and techno names such as BEC, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, and much more from all over Europe, which makes Fabrik a destination for many techno tourists who seek good music wherever it is.



With the techno music beating around, lights exchanging while spirits are high, everyone sets his inner raver spirit free. The location of Fabrik’s DJ booth in the centre of the hall reflects its message, Music gathers us all, which helps in bringing every single person in the middle of the event. Whatever music style is played, you will get the spirit once you enter and watch yourself turn into the best version of an inner raver you have. According to Fabrik’s audience, Fabrik is the perfect techno party experience anyone can have.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: nightlifemadrid.com

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