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Marco Carola - The Ambassador of Italian Techno


Starting from Naples, in the south of Italy, and paving the path to global recognition, the producer and label owner Marco Carola is known today as the ambassador of Italian techno music who brought its sound to the rest of the world.

Carola played an immense role in developing the electronic scene in the early '90s. Twenty years later, he remains one of the biggest and most respected names in the techno scene and has often been compared to artists such as Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. 

The early beginnings of Carola's passion 

Marco Carola was born on 7 February 1975 in Naples, Italy. His passion for electronic and house music began to show very early on, and by the time he was 15 years old he already started to play the drums. 

He built his first studio in 1993 when he started producing tracks for several different labels. By 1996, he had launched his own record company - Design Music, known as one of the first Italy-based techno labels. 

Soon, he started touring through Australia, Europe, and America, which resulted in such releases as "Fokus" in 1998 and "Open Systems" in 2001.

Carola is one of the biggest producer names in the world and a successful label head 

Design Music was just the beginning for Carola, but his ambition enabled him to fulfill his potential. Carola's name also stands behind creating the labels Zenit, Question, One Thousands, Do.Mi.No., and Music On. Meanwhile, he continued releasing music on a selection of labels such as Minus, Plus 8 2M, and Primate Recordings.

With five albums adorning his career, including his latest "Play It Loud" from 2011, Carola is also known for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing and his marathon sets (up to 18 hours in length).

In 2006, he prepared a mix compilation album "Fabric 31" for the London club Fabric's series, which was followed up by compilations for "Time Warp" (an annual electronic music festival originated in Mannheim, Germany) in 2009.

A year later, Carola followed the request by Cocoon label boss Sven Väth and prepared a mix of the Frankfurt-based label's Party Animals CD alongside Nick Curly. This eventually led him to two years of successfully held residencies at Amnesia Ibiza, together with Cocoon, and with his own "Music On" project from 2012 until 2018. 

In 2015, at "Sunwaves" 17 in Mamaia, Romania, he held a 24-hour show and played music non-stop.


The "Music On" project

When Carola created his brand "Music On" in 2011, he launched it at the Shelbourne Hotel in Miami. This was his way to share his experience and knowledge and implement his vision of clubbing and music development. The same year, Carola established Luca Piccolo as his manager and international booker.

"Music On" proposes the creation of a cutting-edge club sound, along with unique events across the world. 

"Marco Carola felt the need to expand his musical realm and create a home for up and coming, talented and inspired artists. The only requirement is good quality music, which is the standard for everything Marco Carola puts his stamps on." - reads Carola's official website.

Carola hosts his own "Music On" weekender in Amsterdam each May, but last year, it was postponed due to the pandemic, just like his entire Ibiza season. 


Upcoming events

Fortunately, as the world is slowly opening up and so many countries are lifting the parties ban, techno music fans worldwide will be able to see Marco Carola performing live again. 

Some of his upcoming events include the performance at "Digital" in Newcastle, UK, on 30 July, as well as a performance at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, UK, the following day.

Carola is also booked in September, October, and December, and if you live in Zurich, Florence, Amsterdam, and Manchester, this is a reason for you to get excited.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: ra.co

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