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Adam Beyer - The Prime Minister of Techno


A boy from Sweden.

It's hard to believe that a metalhead Scandinavian kid would grow up to be Techno icon, Adam Beyer. That's right. Adam (born 15 May 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden) had spent much of the 1980s as a Kiss fan. But after he stumbled upon Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygène" album in his mother's record collection, his life was changed, and he didn't even realize it yet. 

"She said he made music with only machines," Beyer remembers nostalgically about the French Electronica album, "and, at the time, I was so blown away by that idea that I listened to it over and over again."

Beyer started DJing in 1987 at the age of 11. By the time the 90s rolled around, young Adam was a rising star in this new, fast, futuristic sounding genre. He came up with fellow Swedish artists like Carli Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlbäck, as the music culture of the country evolved from death metal to electronic dance music. Beyer would produce and remix his way to the top of the new Swedish Techno scene, eventually becoming internationally acclaimed as EDM took over the world. Adam crafted (or helped craft) numerous techno favorites such as “Data Point” and “Going Down.” With the underground favorite “Stone Flower” in 2015, he stayed true to the energetic, hard-driving Techno sound while adding a bit of melody. 

Then in 2018, he took a small vocal sample from German rock band CAN, added some acid into the bassline, and created the classic track “Your Mind,” which still gets clubs and workout routines hyped to this day. 

Adam Beyer has recorded four studio albums and numerous EPs. From large festivals to small nightclubs, Beyer has pushed his sound from behind the decks all over the world. And although he has accumulated many aliases over the years, such as Jack Sell, Midas, Martin Kliernert, Mr. Sliff, and Tall Guy, his birth name is still the one that brings him the most admiration. 


Drumcode Records

As if being an archetypal Techno artist wasn’t enough, the importance of Adam Beyer to the scene is probably felt the deepest in the record label he founded in the mid-1990s. Drumcode Records is arguably the most important Techno label in history.

During the label’s +25 year history, artists such as Amelie Lens, Joseph Capriati, Jay Lumen, Joey Beltram, Jerome Sydenham, and Nicole Moudaber have come under the Drumcode flag to spread European styled Techno all over the earth. Originally only home to Swedish artists, the current international diversity of the roster is a testament to Techno’s reach and Beyer’s dedication to making Drumcode a globally recognized brand. Today, Drumcode is one of the biggest electronic music labels in the world and the third highest-selling record label on Beatport of all time.

Drumcode has even branched out to take over the airwaves. Drumcode Live is Adam’s radio show that brings Techno to the masses every week. The show is broadcast in over 50 countries with 11 million listeners. This real-time, performance-oriented showcase shines the spotlight on Adam Beyer and his international techno DJ friends. They rock the house from some of the hottest clubs, arenas, and festivals around the world. It’s a party that techno heads from all over can share at the same time weekly. It’s also a way for Adam Beyer and Drumcode to keep the heartbeat of Techno beating strong across the globe. 


Techno Family Man

Adam Beyer cast a long shadow over the techno world. His influence is felt from his own music as well as the music from other cutting-edge artists that he helped nurture. But at the end of the day, this DJ, producer, and Techno executive is also a husband and the father of three daughters. Adam is married to fellow Swede and Drumcode labelmate, Ida Engberg. It's a marriage made in Techno heaven.

The legacy of Adam Beyer is still being written. But there is no arguing that his iconic position on the mantle of Techno heavyweights has already been earned. 

"As a techno DJ, it's never going to happen overnight," explains Beyer. "It's a long road to walk to get to that point where you have earned the respect and loyalty of the industry and fans." 

Now, as a 45-year-old, he can enjoy his life behind the decks. Whether it's on stage at Awakenings Festival or doing intimate after-hours sets at obscure nightclubs with his partner Ida.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: mixing.dj

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