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Zakari & Blange Interview


Always original and authentic, Zakari&Blange (Farid Zakari and Chris Blange) are staying true to themselves, their vision and sound, continually presenting something new and fresh.

Zakari&Blange's music transfers you to a whole new dimension, and their intense productions, as previously described, are packed with rousing grooves, pumping beats, chords, and slightly hypnotic melodies. Heavily incorporating Detroit influences with their original sound, they create energetic techno tracks that have won supporters' hearts over and over again, as well as the interest of some of the best known international labels, such as Phobiq, AnalyticTrail, Elevate, and Funk'n Deep. 

But how Zakari&Blange came to be, what influences and motivates them, and what their future holds, we have yet to see.


24/7; 2016 was the year when the unique Zakari&Blange sound was born. Tell us more about your beginnings. What brought you two together?

We have been friends for more than 20 years. We got to know each other through a mutual friend. We have both been making music ever since, just in different genres...but techno has always been the common denominator. In 2012, we started to organize parties in our city and to play together and so it came to be that we decided to throw our solo stuff over the pile and to start this project together in 2015 and so Zakari&Blange was born.


24/7; At what point in your lives did you realize this is your calling? What was your significant boost and inspiration?

Decisive were definitely the first rave parties we visited at the end of the 90s! Techno infected us like a virus that hasn't let us go until today.... In the beginning it was just DJing, then producing and then we got more and more enthusiastic... When we could place the first releases on good labels we were motivated to continue working on us and our sound!


24/7; How would you describe your sound? Is there anything or anyone who has had any influence on it, and why?

Energetic, hypnotic, sometimes melodic but at the end always techno because we both come from different corners in music. Our input is quite difficult to define exactly what had an influence on our sound…


24/7; Your last release EP "Spaceman" came out in May. Tell us more about the story behind it and the creative process behind it.

Our approach is actually mostly the same. We go into the studio and try to have a good time without thinking too much.Sometimes we start with the beat, sometimes we jam on the synths first but also until we have something that we catched....the personal mood of the day is crucial! With Spaceman it went quite fast...the EP was ready in 4 days!!!!


24/7; If there's anything you'd like to change or achieve with your music, what would it be?

Thanks to our music we were able to see a lot of good parties and festivals in many other cities, we met a lot of good people and got feedback on our sound from all over the world, so this is more than we initially expected.... the more pressure you put on yourself to achieve things with your music the more creativity will suffer at the end of the day and you will be disappointed.... So let's just continue as before and enjoy the process....


24/7; What has changed in your creative process from your beginnings till now? Was there any turning point?

When we started, we worked exclusively with computers. In the meantime, a lot of hardware has been added.... When we bought our first hardware synth with the Moog sub 37, it was immediately clear that it would not stay that way.... It's just a lot of fun to work on the boxes instead of fiddling with the mouse.... and of course we like the final result better! Also our workflow has changed a lot... in the beginning we were in each other's way a little bit but in the meantime we have formed a real unit which makes it a lot of fun....


24/7; What would you say was the most memorable point in your careers? How did that impact your music?

Our gigs at Mayday, Nordstern in Basel and the See You Festival were certainly an experience. The energy we felt there was indescribable. Such moments you try to recall and transport into the studio work.


24/7; These are challenging times. The pandemic has made live music events almost impossible, and the rave sector suffers significantly during this time. How do you tackle these new challenges? What motivates you to keep going?

Because we never stopped working in our regular jobs, the damage was kept within economic limits. But it is very sad to see how many colleagues are now standing in front of a pile of broken glass... We tried to use the free time on the weekends in a meaningful way, whether with our families in the studio or doing sports! Whereby in the studio, the club vibe which we always brought along after the weekend is extremely missing. The only motivation is the hope that everything will be like it used to be and that there still will be Clubs and a real „RAVENATION“.


24/7; Do you plan any collaborations with other artists any time soon?

Nothing is planned at the moment!


24/7;  What are your next plans? Can we expect your new releases soon?

Currently our second EP on 100 % Pure has just been released and in November there will be an EP on Thomas Hoffkencht's label AAAAH records. As well as 2 remixes for Horatio and Redraft Memories where we have no release date yet.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: Zakari & Blange

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