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Ramon Tapia  Interview


Dutch-born and Belgian-raised artist Ramon Tapia established his love for music in his early years and it has blossomed into something even more beautiful. With a steady body of work behind him now and a superb work ethic to match, we asked Ramon a few questions regarding Covid-19's impact on the industry, his dream collaboration and who's on his radar currently.


24/7; How do you see the music industry bouncing back from the events that have happened this year? 

For now I don’t see much happening as we are going into lockdown number 2, but I sincerely hope that things change fast .We cannot keep on going like this or else it will all collapse and we will be urged to change our careers to keep afloat. All of us do what we love and get paid for it but in a situation like this, there is no way to express ourselves anymore, sometimes i just wished this was all just a bad dream.


24/7; Have world events this year affected your creative process or the way you look at creating? 

Not really, I just keep on going. I can’t change much about the situation anyhow. There is only one thing to do and that’s moving forward. My creative process is always been a bit weird, my ideas come from playing around, so the more I work and try stuff out the more flow I get into it


24/7; Do you expect the music industry to keep moving forward in a more digital form especially with live streams? 

Maybe here and there but you see it now already that some streams don’t have that many viewers as in the beginning of the whole crisis. I'm sure it won’t disappear but I rather have a live show in a club than in my living room 


24/7; What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger and just starting out in your musical career? 

All the technical stuff I know now in the studio for sure, it would have saved me some serious headaches haha. But at the end it also made who I am now so, it is what it is I guess


24/7; If you could collaborate or DJ with any one artist who would it be? 

I have always been a big fan of hip hop and therefore my answer would be Pharrel Williams. This guy really blows my mind always with his rhythms and his approach to music in general A real boss in what he does and well you know, he always delivers 


24/7; What is one thing you wish was different about the music industry? 

That’s a tough question, to be honest I'm quite satisfied with how things are going well of course not talking about the crisis we are in now but before shit hits the fan. I think most of your career is still in your own hands and there is no industry that can change that 


24/7;  Which 5 labels are you paying attention to the most these days? 

STRGHTx, ( Label from Thomas Hoffknecht delivering more tooly kind of tracks but always hits the spot

DRUMCODE ( I don’t think this label needs much introduction )

REKIDS, ( label from Radio Slave with a wide range of sounds from more housey stuff to raw and ravey techno )

ARTS ( Label from Emanuel with mostly Raw and a special kind of techno but always with that x factor )

UNCAGE ( label from Marco Faraone with more Housey vibed techno )


24/7; If you were hosting your own festival, which 5 artists would absolutely have to be on your lineup? 

Robert Hood 

Mark Broom 

Adam Beyer




24/7; Do you think the future of music involves more independent labels making an impact versus the major labels sticking to what works? 

Independent labels for sure, that’s where the scenes are made and always been. I think the independent labels are not so much cash driven which gives them a huge advantage towards signing special stuff and thinking more out of the box then the majors. Either way the music industry is always evolving and we all try to see what’s next 


24/7;  Which 5 female artists do you think we should be paying attention to? 

Ellen Alien (one of the older generation of DJs but always delivers )

Nina Kraviz (crazy selection of records , always thinks out of the box)

ANNA (strong DJ with her own typical sound )

Irina Dontsova (new kid on the block, with a very strong selection of ravy to hard techno)

Anetha (great techno DJ from France)


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: Ramon Tapia

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