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Exclusive talk about the Love Parade & Upcoming Parade with Dr. Motte - Part 2


From an acid house lover to the father of techno in Berlin. He is a pioneer of the underground electronic scene and built a peaceful community. Inspired by the second Summer of Love in 1988, the world received the first Love Parade in 1989.  Today we meet Dr. Motte and talk about his upcoming parade “Rave The Planet”.


Rave The Planet was announced after an exhibition about the 90’s. How did it all come together? When did you know you and the people around you can pull it off?

We started right in the process of doing the special exhibition as part of the nineties berlin exhibition in 2019. So we came together and decided to found a non-profit company to follow the original vision of creating world peace by all humans dancing together. Just as we wrote it on the first Loveparade poster „Worldwide Party People Day“ and „This Year And Forever“.

We already spreaded the spirit over the globe as there was a Loveparade in Tel Aviv, Mexico, Vienna, San Francisco and we inspired others to create their own parades like the Street Parade in Zurich, the City Parade in Brussels, the Techno Parade in Paris… The idea is to bring the true spirit of the Loveparade back to its origin Berlin and continue to develop and realize the original objectives. 

That's why we're also pursuing the goal of having techno culture protected by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.


What are one of the things you are looking forward to the most when you’ll be a Rave The Planet? Why?

Showing the variety of electronic music and celebrating life. Let's dance together at the new “Loveparade“ in 2022, which we deliberately called "Rave The Planet Parade". This is our tradition. Dancing together is a basis of social coexistence, of human culture and life itself. That's what I'm looking forward to.


Are there elements/factors you’ll expect to be different compared to The Love Parade?

Yes, because we are convinced that a new parade must be more than just a copy of the old Love Parade. We have a very different zeitgeist (time spirit) today, other issues that concern the world and ourselves. 

These include environmental protection and sustainability. We have considered how to progressively create a parade for the 21st century and have developed many ideas for it. And we carefully thought about the financing because we need to protect the parade this time from being exploited by commercial interests of large corporations as an advertising platform. That's why we set up Rave The Planet as a non-profit and count on the support of electronic music lovers through donations. 

Without them, without YOU, we can not realize the parade. So if you feel like being able to donate some bucks, please do this: www.ravetheplanet.com


Once again the event has a wonderful name while representing the goal as well. How was the process to come up with the name?

It was a process of reflecting. If I look at the world and see what is going on, I have the urge to do something. Something good that hopefully lasts. Fighting against „the bad“ isn't very effective as it always causes pain, suffering and it is and remains a fight. I don't want to use my energy against something, but use it positively to make a difference. 

So let's come together and show what our dreams are and how we want the world to be in harmony with the universe. In the same spirit, dancing together with everyone to the rhythm in unison.


In order to make Rave The Planet happen the organization needs €1.500.000. What can people do in order to support you and what are the future plans to reach this goal?

If people like the Idea of a new parade and want to support us, the first step would be to donate to our „FundRaving“ project because especially with a non-profit project, with high ideals and noble goals, the implementation in the end depends on money. So again, everyone is warmly welcome to make a donation to support this idea. Simply check our website: www.ravetheplanet.com  


Do you have any last words to our readers and potential attendees?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish that we can all make this beautiful vision come true and see each other next year at the Rave The Planet Parade on July 9th in Berlin. Let's make it big, let's make it loud, let's rave the planet!


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: vice.com

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