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Techno Scene in Vietnam… The perfect blend of history and future


South eastern-Asian culture has always been famous for its delicious cuisine and cultural diversity. Vietnam, located in faraway eastern Asia could prove itself as a special place for Techno music as well. Vietnam’s recent experience with this genre of music could catch the universal attention of its local music makers.


From Vinahouse to Techno

For a long time, Vinahouse music was the superstar of Vietnam’s nightlife. Vinahouse is a style of a very high continuous simple-structured tempo. Everything in Vietnam’s nightlife revolved around it. It first originated in Europe in late 1980 and was known as Eurodance, combining many elements like hip hop, techno, Hi-NRG, and house music. Vietnam the cultural fitting style of this genre gives it the name Vinahouse. The most famous musician playing the genre is Hoang Anh who was later selected as the winner of the Heineken DJ Contest in 2004 by Tiesto. DJ Hoang is known in Vietnam as the king of Vinahouse as he has represented his country throughout Asia and internationally.

A decade ago, the club scene started to change when the 1900 Le Théâtre was established in the heart of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The artists of 1900 were more willing to take risks and introduce new styles that are different from Vinahouse. They took risks to experiment and create different remixes. Meanwhile, the global EDM storm hit the Asian market which had an effective impact on the musical scene. The audience became more and more musically educated. Other clubs and venues joined the movement like Equation, Quest, and Epizode, international techno artists were invited to perform in Vietnam like Etapp Kyle and Ed Davenport. Together, they all pushed the scene forward. 

Before 1900, there were no leading clubs that could update the musical scene within the nightlife in Vietnam. The existing places cared about the business rather than the improvement of the music. On an underground basis, young Vietnameses affected by EDM made their own music using their computers. Gradually, that turned into the mainstream and the wave spread among the Vietnamese nightlife.


Vietnam Famous DJ players

One of the most famous change-makers in Vietnam’s nightlife scene is NgoKien. He’s known as the artist who is one step ahead of the country when it comes to music. As Vietnam is populated with youths who are interested in western culture NgoKien has always been mixing this shape with a Vietnamese spirit. 

Dustee is also one of a kind when it comes to techno music-making in Vietnam, known for his energetic music. Dustee is always willing to learn from other artists to improve his music. As one of ‘1900 theater’ owners, he is one of the most effective Vietnamese techno scenes. Within Vietnam, Dustee is one of the pioneers when it comes to DJing.

Another one is Touliver, who doesn’t only make music, but also raises awareness. He is one of the most famous music players in Vietnam. His music work is played in every nightclub as well as devotion to search for young talents in Vietnamese society. Tolliver’s label ‘Space Speakers’ which was founded in 2011, provides a home for music makers in Vietnam and supports them with what they need to make music.


Vietnam attracts the international attention

When we talk about the improvement of the techno scene in Vietnam we cannot ignore Heartbeat event promoter and music label, as it took a massive role in building up the music scene in a Vietnamese style. Heartbeat goes back to 2012, is rooted in minimal, Detroit / dub, and deep techno and still going in the right direction towards making Vietnamese techno music. Through weekly events as well as international DJ bookings, Heartbeat is increasing the Vietnamese base in the techno scene

Techno Venues are also playing a unique part in bringing international attention to the Vietnam techno scene. Epizode is a big enough venue to welcome more than 150 artists in the heart of Vietnam. Its unique art that depends on sculptures is an additional delight to the audience besides the raving music of techno that connects them with the cultural features of Vietnam.

For eleven days, music within Epizode Vietnam never stops. The Festival takes place on Vietnam’s biggest and most blissful island ‘Phu Quoc’ away from the intensity of Hanoi and Saigon which is an atmosphere that ravers seek from all around the world.


Famous Cities

For Techno scene seekers in Vietnam, Hanoi is always choice number one. Besides being the capital, Hanoi combines the traditional atmosphere with modernized life. The good blend of the old and the new fits perfectly in the old city of Vietnam. Away from the capital, many good clubs are located in Ho Chi Minh City known as Saigon that witnesses a rich nightlife that combines western electronic music with the warmth of the Asian culture.

‘Yin and yang’ philosophy has always taken place in the heart of Eastern Asians. It’s the ancient perfect blend of the two opposites forming the whole. When it comes to music, Vietnam has made the whole spirit by blending the war memories with a peaceful future, the oriental heritage with the eagerness for modernization. That is what makes the whole techno scene experience in Vietnam unique and powerful.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: bandwagon.asia

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