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The Sun and Techno don’t set during Solstice Festival in Finland


You know that feeling when you're having a great time, and you simply wish the moment never ends? When the party is so good, you wish the day had more hours because you just don't want to leave…

Well, this is not just a mere daydream, but a reality for Finnish people or just anyone who's visiting Finland during midsummer (from June 23 to June 25) for the Solstice Festival.


What makes the Solstice Festival special?

This boutique festival offers a unique escapade for those who enjoy music, art, and nature, and it is the perfect mixture of all of these elements. It takes place during midsummer in northern Finland, right next to the Arctic Circle, meaning that the sun doesn't set at all during that time. The combination of the location and midsummer creates a beautiful occurrence, a unique opportunity for everyone visiting to celebrate light and love in a whole new way.  

Solstice Festival takes place at Rukatunturi, a high fell and a ski resort in Kuusamo, Finland, which provides picturesque views over pine trees and lakes. The dreamy green and grassy village is relatively isolated, surrounded by rocky landscapes, and located almost half a kilometer above sea level. It makes you feel like you can reach the sky and hug the clouds, while the never-setting sun gives you the feeling of having endless opportunities and never-ending fun. It sounds like a dream come true for anyone who needs more hours in the day to party. Techno fans included. 

However, the magic of the environment wouldn't have been complete without the high-quality drinks from local beers, as well as the natural wines, cocktails, and delicious food and snacks served at the bars at the festival site. The surrounding restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes focusing on local cuisine and ingredients as well.

Additionally, Solstice is all about sustainability. The festival aims for zero waste and minimal environmental impact, implementing its circular economy system in all aspects of its production. The organizers collaborate with Ruka Kuusamo's sustainability program and the "The Most Sustainable European Capital of Culture" program with Oulu.

"Solstice Festival adheres to green values and works in accordance with Ruka's environmental plan to ensure a carbon-neutral festival. All of the electricity used will be generated through wind and water power. Waste will be recycled back into energy and raw materials to be used in our art installations", the official site reads.  


It all began in 2019

Solstice Festival was first launched in 2019, and it was organized by the crews behind the new Helsinki club "Post Bar" and Retriitti, the annual castle rave. It ran from June 20 through Sunday, the 22nd

The lineup featured a mix of live acts and DJ sets across the four days. D.Tiffany, Buttechno, and Mama Snake were booked alongside local Linda Lazarov. Additionally, the festival featured an arts program and a range of outdoor activities, from hiking to rafting to bear watching.

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the organizers to cancel the 2020 and 2021 festival editions, moving the event to next year.


2022 seems promising for Solstice Festival

In times like these, when safety is the No. 1 priority, it is a relief knowing that the festival is held outdoors. The organizers are already making plans for the upcoming event, ensuring there are plenty of hand sanitizers and facemasks available in and around the festival site and guidelines and reminders to take care of personal hygiene. They will also make antigen tests available at the entrance.

Solstice Festival has already revealed the first names of the lineup. Antti Salonen, Katerina, Powder, Laura MRLS, PLO Man, and Nikolajev are just a few of the Techno artists that have been confirmed, and the rest are yet to be announced. 

Ravers love dancing from dusk till dawn, but this festival offers a whole different experience. It is definitely worth the travel because Sun and Techno don’t set during the Solstice Festival.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: solsticefestival.fi

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