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Terra Open Air


Raving in the Promised Land

Terra means "earth" or "land." The word connotes the outdoors and the harmony of nature. Terra Open Air is a series of dance parties that bring the experience of excellent dance music outside in the beautiful rural landscapes of Israel.  

The land of milk and honey is an exemplary location for outdoor music events. The country's Mediterranean climate and mild winters make it easy for outdoor parties all year round. Israel's collections of lush forests, mountains, deserts, and prairies, create exotically diverse yet accessible settings for unique parties. Events such as "Terra Purim Adventure" and "Terra Rosh Hanikra" add a unique flavor not often found in the European rave scene. From the beaches to the valleys, for almost a decade, Terra Open Air has taken Israel under the sky to dance.

It all started back in 2014, the year of the first Terra Open Air. This was an era when Techno and House music were confined to the inside of dance clubs. There was no such thing as "open-air" dance parties in Israel back then. At least not on the scale that the original Terra founders wanted to take it. 

"So we were seven people," Terra Open Air states, "that basically wanted to take club music out of clubs, to wild natural landscapes. We did it."

The first Open Air was a memorable one. The weather and the turnout were a surprise, but they worked in the organizers' favor. 

"We expected 100 freaks and ended up with an amazing 600 guest event," the founders of the event reminisced. "Through the rain, dancing until the morning. That was the perfect first party." There was no turning back after that. Terra Open Air was born! And the experience would only grow and multiply. 


Terra Techno

Terra Open Air has hosted many great artists, such as Dave Seaman, Frankey & Sandrino, Rex The Dog, D-Nox, and DJ T.  But “Techno is a wide term,” as Terra reminds us. “We obviously love the (Techno) community. They are us, and we are them. We are all one.” This sums up the values of inclusion and harmony that are at the core of the Terra Open Air events.

“Terra is all about community and crowd. We are lucky to have amazing people with us on the dancefloor, and that is what separates us.” the organization declares. “We are not about content but about who you will dance with.”


The Future is Now!

So what does Terra Open Air hope to unleash on the EDM world in 2022? "Don't ask for details yet," the people at Terra tease. "It will come soon."

Their ultimate goal is to become a premium-level music festival that will call people to Israel so they can enjoy the beautiful land and rave in peace and happiness. A festival that will be an unforgettable experience that used to only take place in the imagination.

If the recent Terra Open Air on New Year's Eve is any indication of what is to come in 2022, then Israel and the EDM community are in for a spectacular year. It was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," for adults who love to party. A cauldron of toffee and candy flowing into rivers of dark chocolate. It was "a world where anything can happen!"

Terra Open Air has become a phenomenon that guarantees an outdoor electro adventure at every event. "People arrive at our event and say it is the best Terra I've ever been to before they even enter the party!" The organizers boast. The legend of Terra just keeps getting stronger.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: facebook.com/terraopenair

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