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SXM Festival - Ravers of The Caribbean 


Every so often, we all need a place to "run away" from our everyday lives and the chaotic reality. And right now, SXM Festival seems to be the best 5-day and 5-night getaway for Techno fans who miss the warmth of summer. This year, from March 9th to March 13th, the bright colors of the festival lights blended with the Caribbean blues. 

Secluded beaches, natural pools and waterfalls, lush jungle, gorgeous villas, rich blue waters, boats, white sandy beaches, beach clubs, hammocks, and art installations…The island of Saint Martin is truly an exotic paradise, and SXM Festival offers the best way for its attending Techno music lovers to experience it to the fullest, dancing from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again.


Paradise Found

According to SXM Festival's official page, "'The Friendly Island' is a tale of two countries living harmoniously on one island. Both sides of the island - Saint-Martin (French) and Sint Maarten (Dutch), are each different and delightful in their own unique way." 

SXM Festival was founded by Julian Prince, a native French speaker who used to travel to the island for years to escape the cold Canadian winters. But in 2016, he decided to do something more than just using his time in the Caribbean for leisure. He founded SXM Festival.

With a fantastic artist line-up, superstar DJs, and hot new talents, the festival quickly proved it's more than just a festival at a beautiful location. SXM Festival is all about a quality raving experience and great music in a place that provides a strong sense of peacefulness. Additionally, one of the central values of the festival is sustainability. SXM Festival has a no trace policy. Its goal is to go paperless, save energy with LED and solar lights, and eliminate plastic waste throughout the festival.  

Sadly, after the successful second edition in 2017, the festival had to take a break in 2018 due to the issues caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. However, the festival came back in full bloom in 2019, attracting guests from all over Europe, America, and Asia, ready to dance 24/7 for five days straight. 


A breathtaking festival layout

According to people who have been to SXM Festival and experienced the accommodation firsthand, the villas here are deluxe and dreamlike. On top of that, they're very affordable. And, of course, getting a good night's sleep and quality rest in a comfy and beautiful place before you continue partying truly helps you properly soak in every moment during the stay.

But, the unique venues deserve praise on their own. 

The mile-long secluded private beach of "Happy Bay" is nestled in the jungle and is also the main venue. This is where you will hear some of the world's best electronic music and where world-class visual artists from around the globe handcraft the Arc Main stage (from 90% recycled material) and the Ocean stage to create unforgettable dance floor memories.

"Boho Beach" club is where you can relax during the day with some of the most delicious refreshing cocktails while warming your feet in the sand. This is where you can fully immerse yourself in an authentic Caribbean experience.  

"Karakter" is a venue with a unique "character" that provides a spectacular view of the Caribbean sea. From here, you'll be able to see the airplanes that bring more SXM attendees, but most importantly, this is where the sunset, the rustic aesthetic, and crystal clear waters look the most magical.


Parties that you shouldn't miss while you're here

This limited capacity "Boat Party" (satellite party) grants an unforgettable sailing experience and the best sunset view on the largest lagoon in the Caribbean. The calm waters won't disturb your dance to the great Techno beats. 

The festival's highlight is the famous "Villa Party," situated in the exclusive area of Terres-Basses, in the glamorous estate, Sandyline. This is a limited VIP experience that is still friendly and welcoming, and it grants mind-blowing musical guest surprises! 

Last but not least, the "Panorama" (satellite party), located at the peak of Sint Maarten's highest mountain, provides breathtaking 360-degree views of the best Caribbean sunset views. Situated in the sustainable venue – Rainforest Adventures / Rockland Estate, this eco-adventure park preserves the island's native habits and invests in the cultural landscape of St. Maarten.

The line-up of this year's edition included great Techno names such as Alexi Delano, Âme, Blond:ish, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Jan Blomqvist, John Acquaviva, Maher Daniel, Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos, Roustam and Steve Bug. But, in case you missed it, make sure you book your tickets on time for the next one. It's a life-changing experience worth every dime. 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: SXM_HAPPY-BAY--ARC---WHIO-MADE-WHO2---by-@phantomography.art

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