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Kappa FuturFestival - Shaping the Italian Techno's future since 2008


Italy has many things to be proud of (including this year's events and wins) and may rightfully add its clubbing scene to the list as well. One of the most significant summer music events, Kappa FuturFestival, is held right in the beautiful north-western city of Turin. 

Each summer, the famous Italian electronic and techno music festival makes this already vibrant city bloom in color and sound, bringing life to its industrial site. With its warehouses, steel construction pillars, and massive concrete chimneys, Parco Dora makes a perfect stage for a weekend of hard-hitting techno.

Kappa FuturFestival welcomes Detroit and Berling techno legends and local artists and has been shaping the future of the Italian techno sound from the very beginning.

The birth of Kappa FuturFestival

It all began in December 2009 when FuturFestival was first organized to commemorate the publication of the Italian Futurist manifesto's 100th anniversary. Published on February 20, 1909, in "Le Figaro" and written by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the text formed the foundations of the Futurist movement. 

The organization was called upon to collaborate with the municipality in the organization of Turin's official outdoor New Year's Eve party (2010) and the celebration of the appointment of Turin as the "European capital of young people." 

The first edition of the festival led by Groove Armada, Juliette Lewis, and other internationally recognized artists gathered more than 7000 people at Oval Lingotto, and it became known as "Italy's most appreciated New Year's Eve party."

The following year, the festival repeated on December 7, at the same location, with the participation of Bloody Beetroots and drummer Tommy Lee. 


The evolution of the festival

After a short break in 2011, the festival made a big comeback in 2012. It began the collaboration with Kappa, the well-known Turin sports clothing company, resulting in the name change from FuturFestival to Kappa FuturFestival. After Kappa's president suggested Parco Dora as the perfect location for the event, the festival has been held on the site ever since. 

It soon evolved into the first Italian summer open-air daytime electronic and techno music festival and became Italy's most beloved music event, entering the Top 5 European Summer Festivals in 2013.

The Kappa FuturFestival was the first Italian format to introduce cashless payment technology through RFID (radio-frequency identification) in 2015, which allowed the participants to purchase goods and services at the festival through a loyalty card. 

This novelty pushed the festival to the next level, and the following year, The New York Times recommended it as an unmissable event of the year. 

Kappa FuturFestival kept breaking records by registering 26% attendance from abroad in 2017, counting 62 nationalities among the 45000 participants. In 2018, the festival added a 4th stage, registering 65 high-profile international artists; 24 Italian performers, of which 13 from Torino. In 2019, the festival registered 60000 attendees from 105 countries and received extraordinary recognition at the DJ Awards as Best International Festival.

The pandemic didn't stop the festival's growth in 2020 either. The digital format Kappa Futur Tribute registered 665K views and a reach of 1,3M users.

The names that shook Kappa FuturFestival's stages

The festival is known for its consistently exceptional line up. The previous editions included names such as Sven Väth, Paul Kalkbrenner, Carl Cox, Derrick May, Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, Solomun, etc. Of course, it also made room for emerging talents and random surprises like Die Antwoord.

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic and the related government regulations forced yet another Kappa FuturFestival delay. The organization announced that the following edition would be postponed to 2-3 July 2022, and the line up is still unknown.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: festicket.com

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