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DGTL Festival—A Revolution within the Festival Culture


What makes a festival a good festival? Is it the organization? The lineups? The location? The design? The sound quality and the light system? Is it perhaps the programs and the ethos behind the festival’s brand? Even with so many excellent and high-quality EDM music festivals worldwide, it is still fairly easy to see which ones are entirely devoted to meeting all standards. 

DGTL Festival definitely belongs on this list through its constant act of initiating change and inspiring more and more festival organizers and visitors to turn to an environmentally and socially aware way of raving. 

Since debuting in 2013 in Amsterdam North, the festival organizers have repeatedly proven that giving the festival an ethical dimension by being sustainable and environmentally responsible grants ongoing success that people want to see more of. 

And fortunately, people do get to see more of it. DGTL Festival has, over time, branched out in a few different countries, holding separate editions in Bengaluru, Santiago, São Paulo, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, and Madrid. 


The most engaging mixture of music and art

Since its beginning, DGTL has been granting a festival experience full of discovery, inspiration, and surprise through music, art, and production. The festival seeks to deliver balanced programming, combining leading names in art and music with local and international emerging talents. DGTL makes sure to offer new and fresh artists and sounds to their audience at all times. 

It’s evident that art is indeed a significant aspect of DGTL. In fact, so much that it gave birth to DGTL ART—a selection of cultural and artistic projects within the festival concept that displays a range of onsite conceptual art performances and set-ups that engage visitors beyond the music.

Regardless of the location and edition, DGTL makes sure to offer an unforgettable audiovisual experience. This is why the festival partners with some of the best VJs that help design impressive stages within raw, industrial settings, creating spectacular light effects and visuals.


DGTL Festival has the ambition to become fully circular

More than 1,300 festivals occur in the Netherlands every year, and an average festival-goer generates up to 2,3 kg of waste per day. Having this in mind, DGTL aims to become the first circular and climate-neutral event. 

DGTL Festival is already making a name for itself as a “zero-waste festival,” reinforcing its own reputation and strengthening the overall festival culture of the Netherlands. DGTL sees festivals as temporary mini-ecosystems and an ideal place to experiment, improve, and scale-up circular initiatives.

And this is how DGTL REVOLUTION was born. It was designed to maintain sustainability by making fundamental changes to the festival set-up and day-to-day activities. Finding these revolutionary solutions required continuously searching for the newest technological innovations to help the festival reduce waste, lower CO2 emissions, increase awareness and stimulate sustainable participation amongst their visitors. 

With the aim to facilitate change through interaction, DGTL introduced a list of sustainability projects, such as:

- Replacing the traditional disposable soft cups with reusable hard cups; 

- Working with a smart energy plan, maximizing the consumption of energy from the power grid and other renewable sources; 

- Removing meat from the menu and introducing algae shots and smoothies; 

- Testing the sustainable and circular technologies of tomorrow; 

- Introducing the Material Flow Analysis (MFA) to the festival industry; 

- Introducing the “Circular Foodcourt,” which converts all of DGTL’s food waste (including the biodegradable disposable plates) into compost using an advanced composting machine; 

- Displaying recycled decoration and art; 

- Introducing the Semilla Sanitation Hub in collaboration with Innofest—a 40ft shipping container that converts urine into drinking water using pioneering technologies; 

- Introducing the “Resource Street,” which consists of a recycling hub and a new technique called pyrolysis; 

- Partnering up with Next Nature Network to introduce “The ECO Coin” - the world’s first ecological currency. 


DGTL returns to Amsterdam for 2022

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition of DGTL moved online. Nevertheless, the festival proved they can pay close attention to detail and go big even without physical attendance. 

Based on the motto “we’re in this together,” DGTL organized the world’s largest online festival, streaming several stages simultaneously. In collaboration with video streaming partners NOMOBO and Absolut, DGTL allowed visitors to switch between the various streams via digital.dgtl.nl. The organizers also produced daily recaps and offered fans pre-event messages, Revolution talks, and Q&As about sustainability throughout the weekend.

But this year, after two whole years, DGTL Amsterdam returns to NDSM for the two-day festival, which will take place on April 15, 16, and 17. This year’s lineup will include Techno artists such as Âme & Dixon, Zenker Brothers, Adriatique, Afrodeutsche, Ana Lilia, Animistic Beliefs, Binh, Blawn, Clara Cuvé, Monolink, Freddy K, Helena Hauff, Laurent Garnier, Lee Ann Roberts, Leia, Lucky Done Gone, Marcel Dettmann, Moodymann, Nicky Elisabeth, Paula Temple, Rampa and &ME, Rod & Deniro, Roman Flügel, SPFDJ, VTSS, Paul Kalkbrenner, etc. 

Are you excited about it? Make sure you save the date and spread the word. 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: mheventmanagement

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