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Rave in the time of Corona: Hype around the pandemic-proof suit by Production Club


Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed our lives on a big scale, forcing us to change and adjust our daily lives and ways of functioning, so that we could all stay protected and safe during a pandemic. Humanity is facing new challenges, and creative ideas are needed to make life easier, as we are all striving to reach new normalcy. 

As time goes by, we see many countries reopening their borders. We see restaurants, cafes, libraries, bookstores, malls, galleries, museums, and some big music venues opening again as well, following strict guidelines and rules for social distancing, sanitizing, wearing face masks, and measuring body temperature at the entrances. 

However, it seems like music events, festivals, and concerts are still a gray area in this whole "mess." While drive-in music shows seem like a fun alternative, we may all agree that the experience would be far less satisfying and memorable. After all, loud big crowds and an opportunity to dance freely make going to a concert as attractive as it is. Luckily, a company has taken this issue seriously and decided to create a solution for passionate music fans. That is how the pandemic-proof raving suit "Micrashell" by "Production Club" came to be. 


"Production Club" is a multidisciplinary creative studio specialized in designing and producing immersive experiences for the music, tech, and gaming industries. However, they found it somewhat triggering that so many people keep risking their health and lives by flooding the beaches without proper protection, that they decided to think of a solution. 

And, it seems like "Micrashell" might be the perfect solution! It is designed to be worn as a protective suit by music fans who would be able to go to concerts and festivals without the fear of spreading or getting the coronavirus. 


This project aims to "bring people together while still looking out for one another," according to Miguel Risueno, head of inventions for "Production Club. " He describes the design as "a half suit that takes your safety and your security — in terms of being close to airborne particles or viruses — to the next level." 

Anyone interested in the suit's design might look it up online, as a sketch of it can be easily found. The "Micrachell" looks like a neon-striped space suit that features an N95 filter, an air ejection system, a "cell link pouch," and a snap-in canister for drinking and vaping. The company explains the importance of the addition, pointing out that it will be another thing people would not have to remove the helmet for. 


Now that we got your attention, you might want to know where and how you could purchase one of these suits. However, "Production Club," thinks that the best way to go about it is to sell a number of these suits to multiple venues. They would afterward rent them out to their visitors, making sure they are well sanitized after each use. 

Whether live concerts come back this year or next year, we all know that we should take serious precautions either way. And, the suit by "Production Club" makes it all look fun and exciting for music fans, especially EDM lovers from all over the world. 



Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: Production Club

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