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Techno Scene in Dubai


In the search for great Techno, this time, we're traveling all the way to the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, to the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, and the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

There's a reason why Dubai is considered Western Asia's business heart. What is today known as a cosmopolitan metropolis and one of the world's most popular tourist destinations used to be just a tiny fishing village back in the 18th century. 

Today, Dubai is known to be the second home tallest building on the planet - the Burj Khalifa, many luxurious five-star hotels, massive shopping malls, charming restaurants serving delicious food, fancy gyms, giant aquariums, gorgeous beach resorts, and so much more. 

But, although wealth, expensive cars, and dazzling gold are what most people associate Dubai with, this gorgeous city is way more than the capital of glitz and glam. Dubai is also known for its traditional villages, the vast dunes, the fantastic Arabian desert, the breathtaking Grand Mosque, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, the impressive Dubai Museum, the iconic artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah, the largest gold bazaar in the world Deira Gold Souk, the Global Village Culture & Entertainment pavilion, etc. 

The list is genuinely neverending, and it includes Dubai's lively nightlife as well. This also means excellent Techno clubs for any Techno tourist that visits this place, and this is our list of suggestions:

The Analog Room 

Located right behind IBIS Al Barsha Hotel, Analog Room is the perfect spot for people who enjoy quality electronic or underground Techno music played by artists from around the globe. 

Founded by Mehdi Ansari, Siamak Amidi, and Salar Ansari, Analog Room is all about the experience, the top-quality sound, and the unforgettable moments. The club's ten resident DJs, the modern and sleek music system, and the minimalist environment ensure a top-tier Techno experience. The club covers several different services areas, operating as an independent hub for creativity, a modular multi-functional space that operates six days a week as a listening bar, A/V screening spot, supper club with high-quality full dinner service, and live jazz music.

On the weekends, Analog Room hosts signature events dedicated to underground dance music where they invite international, regional, and local DJs and live acts. 

Decibel DXB

Founded in 2015 by a team of five multinational music enthusiasts in Dubai, Decibel DXB is known to host some of the most intense parties in town.

Focusing on the rave culture, the fast-paced and high-energy sounds, Decibel DXB introduces unique and inspiring artists with the intent of educating the United Arab Emirates and Middle East populace about what is out there in the world. 

The club is known to host some of the best local, regional, and international Techno DJs, like Gregor Tresher, Charlotte de Witte, Amber, Alex Bau, etc., aiming to broaden the horizon of Electronic Dance Music in the region. 

Offering unforgettable Techno experiences in an intimate atmosphere, Decibel DXB attracts its visitors not only with its fantastic lineups and quality sound system but also by actively working on breaking the gender barrier of Male DJs to Female DJs.



Although not your typical Techno temple, this luxurious lounge, and nightclub located on the 32nd floor of the most famous hotel in Dubai is undoubtedly a spot that ravers shouldn't miss. 

The club is open every night of the week, from 8 pm to 3 am, making it the hottest club in town and the perfect place for people who don't get tired of partying. With a capacity of 1000 people, BOA offers luxurious and fancy interiors, indoor bars, and expansive and climate-controlled terraces offering fantastic views of the city. 

BOA's visitors get the opportunity to dance to the latest tracks by A-listers from all over the world and excellent live DJ sets while enjoying the impressive light shows, trying shisha, and tasting international lounge food.

Are you planning on visiting Dubai anytime soon? Once you get enough of the glitzy lifestyle and your soul gets hungry for some Techno, make sure to check out some of these three unique places. And don't forget to have fun!


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: decibeldxb.com

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