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Mask or No Mask? Disguised DJs we love, and the future of masks at events. 


We live in unusual times. Everyone has to stay 1-meter distance from each other and wear mouth and nose protective masks. At this point, many even wear masks as a statement.For some DJs it has been a trademark through their entire careers. Can you guess who we are thinking of?

Have you ever wondered about them? These DJs would play during events, appear on videos all the while wearing a mask. Never really revealing their true face or identity. Let us dive right into some of the unique DJs who have made the mask their own, and why. 

They would play events, appear on videos and publicly always wear a mask, constantly concealing their face. We dive right into some of the unique DJs who have made the mask their own, and reveal why. 


● I Hate Models: This DJ in particular has been the talk for a while now. Apart from his music, he always dons a mouth covering in black. It is more like a bandanna that he sports.He shared in some interviews that he likes to keep it all about the music. It is easy to walk in and out of a club wearing a bandanna, no stress, no hassle. He also mentions it is because he does not wish to disclose his true identity in a way. People are too quick to judge a musician. It is his way to keep it focused on his art. 


● Danger: The tunes  this French DJ brings are as alluring as his mask. This french DJ brings out alluring tunes, but his mask that he wears is so as well. He sports an all black mask that covers his entire head. The eyes glow,adding a haunting effect. His reason for this look is that he always felt the bad characters in movies wore masks and their eyes glowed. He bases his look on the famous character Mage from Final Fantasy. This is also a great way to make it more about the music while adding an edge to his identity. 


● Malaa: This niche DJ makes some tunes that have made people dance their hearts out. But he is not buzzed about as often as the others. He however has a very interesting mask on which is more like a ski balaclava worn during skiing. Quite dope, right? What’s also interesting about him is that. Another interesting fact: he does not seem to talk that often too. Wearing them so after ourselves, we can feel that. With wearing masks so often, we might feel that too. The best assumption is that he likes to keep the sly, straight-to-business vibe. He does not want to trash talk or talk in general. For him, it is about his music. 


What about the future of masks in events? DJs have been wearing masks way before the pandemic masks way before us. We only adopted masks very recently. But for these DJs masks have not only been a way to create a strong visual identity it was not always about wearing colorful, vibrant masks. It has also been about hiding identities, keeping it about the grind, and making a statement with their work. Showing faces was not a necessary stance for them. 

Perhaps, we can learn from the DJs after all. As masks have become such a big part of our lives, we might have to continue wearing them  after this pandemic is over. These DJs wore masks during their entire careers, and it is only natural to continue doing so in the new order of things. But what about us? Where will the future take us? If we will still continue wearing masks at events once they kick-start remains to be seen. Would you?


We are curious to know what you think!


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: theprint.in

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