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Polish Techno Play

“Techno Rzeczpospolita”, or “Techno Republic” is a new play that explores the history of Techno music and its cultural impact in Poland. It is the stage adaptation of “30 Years of Polish Techno Scene”, a photo journalistic book written and compiled by Polish rave OGs, Artur Wojtczak, Radek Tereszczuk, and Lukasz Krajewski.

Playwright Magda Koryntczyk sifted through the 800-page magnum opus of Poland's Techno history to create a unique theatre-going experience. Koryntczyk had apprehensions about adapting what amounted to a photo textbook to the dramatic stage. However, when director Marcin Liber came on board, he was convinced that they could collaborate to bring the abstractly connected themes of the book to life.

“The work of a DJ and a playwright are essentially similar.” admits Koryntszyk. “A good set has a good drama, just like a theatrical performance.”

This, no doubt avant-garde production, is an intriguing experience for Techno fans, theatre enthusiasts and Polish people who want to learn about the Techno’s impact on their nation.

“Techno Rzeczpospolita” premiered at the Wrocław branch of Kraków's St. Wyspianski Academy of Theatre Arts on September 16th. The play is set to tour around Poland through October and November.


New record from Camelphat and Rebuke: “The Future”

Finally! After giving sneak previews all summer in live performances, the dynamic British duo Camelphat has joined forces with Ireland’s own Rebuke to release their icy, synth-drenched collaboration known as “The Future”. 

The new single is also accompanied by a bonus remix from the Filth on Acid label mate Reinier Zonneveld to add more excitement to the highly anticipated release. 

But does “The Future” live up to expectations? We shall see. But live fans have already been mesmerized by the robotically energetic feel of the kick drums, synths, and the haunting vocal ambiance of the song. This is definitely a record techno fans will be able to enjoy at home and on the go just as well as they can on the dancefloor.

Italian Techno Exhibit

“Techno” is the first installment of the larger scaled “Techno Humanities'' series currently being showcased at the Museion in Bolzano, Italy. This multi-media exhibition consists of an international group show, a public program, a reader, an audio piece, and a podcast. They have also managed to include a day rave into the program. 

The cornerstone of the ambitious exhibition is, of course, music but also the influence Techno has on history, culture, society, freedom, oppression, and other globalized themes.

A wide range of interconnected work comprises “Techno”,  from artists such as Riccardo Benassi, Paul Chan, Nicolò Degiorgis, Karin Ferrari, Massimo Grimaldi, CC Hennix, Tishan Hsu, Mire Lee, Ghislaine Leung, Isabel Lewis, and Piero Martinello.

The exhibition is curated by Bart van der Heide who states that “Techno music has become the soundtrack of liberation and escape.” The “Techno Humanities” series as a whole will explore other epic global themes such as ecology, technology, economy, and what it means to be human.

The “Techno” exhibition runs until March 3, 2022, at the Museion.


Techno Halloween

New York is back!...or at least on its way back. After muted Halloween celebrations in the city last year, The Cityfox Experience brings back their Cityfox Halloween festival to NYC! This perpetually sold out event was started in 2018, with a spooky squeal the following Halloween.  After a hiatus in 2020, for obvious reasons (let's not talk about Covid for a minute, shall we?), the festival returns, this time expanding to a two-day Halloween weekend event.  

On October 29th and 30th, the enormous Brooklyn EDM hotspot, Avant Gardner, will host over 30 Techno and House artists on five unique stages. You can enjoy Detroit Techno trailblazers Carl Craig and Moodyman, as the Halloween-inspired stage design, pyrotechnics, and visuals create a ghoulish party atmosphere all around you.

Innellea, Fideles, Mathame, and Stephen Jolk are some of the more melodically inclined Techno artists who will also be rocking the party somewhere within the massive 80,000 square foot space of Avant Gardner on All Hallow’s Eve. 

As with the previous Cityfox Halloween festivals, this is sure to be a sell out. So buy your tickets today and think about your Halloween costume now! Trick or Treat!.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: museion.it

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