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Is Techno going mainstream?

What was once the epitome of the underground is on the verge of becoming radio-friendly. At least, that is the theory according to Matt Reeve. In a recent Facebook tantrum, the DJ and producer complains that "No one is interested in what music gets played as long as the acting, following, and ticket selling is guaranteed." Today, festivals, venues, and even so-called fans care more about Instagram likes and followers than the quality of the actual music.

According to Reeves, Techno is following in the footsteps of the increasingly generic EDM genre. Reeves goes as far as to condescendingly label this new phase of Techno - "EDM 2.0." "In fact, Techno now even sounds similar to EDM," Reeves adds with another kick in the balls.

But what else is new, Matt? The term "Business Techno" is not new to the scene. It's what the previous generation would have called "selling out," and it’s arguably an essential tradeoff for mass appeal. The underground can never be the mainstream. To reach a wider audience, you must sacrifice more eclectic principles in music that only hard-core fans would appreciate. This might irritate purists, but it's a fact that watering down makes it easier for everyone to drink.


Dr. Strange loves Techno!

As an actor, he’s played a detective, a Marvel superhero, Thomas Edison, and Alan Turing. But Benedict Cumberbatch is a raver at heart. 

In a recent interview with NME magazine, the critically acclaimed thespian comes out of the closet about his Techno tendencies during his formative days in Manchester. ​​“I was very, very into Techno for a long time,” Cumberbatch admits.

Despite his wide range of traditional British rock tastes, the British actor with the ridiculous-sounding name has been a certified Techno head since college. From Radiohead to Oasis, Bowie to Blur, Benny loved it all. But when he got to Victoria University in Manchester, the Techno party scene invaded his life.

“(Techno) was my bag at uni.” Cumberbatch states like the hip British public school kid he is. “I went clubbing a lot.” He frequently spent his Friday nights at the Manchester dance club “Havok” and apparently still does. So keep an eye out! The next time you go out partying in the UK, you may be dancing next to Sherlock Holmes. 


Coke Beats RETURNS!

The veteran producer, DJ, and A&R, Coke Beats, is blessing the scene with a new EP, "Techno is a State of Mind." This includes four new, original Techno bangers as well as 3 live mashups and a bootleg bonus track. That's 8 new Techno songs, people! It's time to get excited!

But wait! That's not all. The project, which chronicles Coke's underground 2021 rave tour, is also accompanied by a mini-documentary via VEVO, Apple TV, and Tidal. Can you handle this much Coke?!

This VJ, who might be more known in Hip-Hop circles, is making an EDM statement. Tracks on the Ep such as the perfectly titled Techno “Jam #1” and “Techno Jam #2” are ideal for minimal melody junkies. But then Coke Beatz can take you to another galaxy, quite literally, with “Boötes Void” (The Great Nothing), which is inspired by the giant hole in the center of the universe!

So don't make a giant hole in your Techno playlist. Stream, "Techno State of Mind," now and decide for yourself. Is it Techno, or is it trash?


New Australian Techno Club

There’s a new Techno hotspot that has been reborn down under. And that new venue is 303 Sydney Road in Melbourne, Australia. Is 303 Sydney Road the address? Is it the name of the dance club? It’s both, of course!

303 Sydney Road was formerly “Bombay Rock” in Brunswick. It was a venue famous as the 70s and 80s Aussie rock haven. Recently, the establishment has been given a modern electro reboot as the essentially nameless dance club. The new look/new vibe establishment officially kicked off on November 26, 2021, with Australian House music queen Janette Pitruzzello aka DJ JNETT in charge of the music. The night also included Jennifer Loveless, Simona, and Post Percy.

Open Fridays and Saturdays, 303 will be operating two rooms of Tech-house, Techno, and Electro on Saturday nights until 6 am. Led by DJ Muska and his team of Northside Techno OGs, 303 Sydney Road is certain to be a breath of fresh air or a slap across the face to the Brunswick nightlife community. This ain’t AC-DC anymore.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: edmtunes.com

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