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JUNE 2021


New Techno album...on a gameboy cartridge?!

Remute is back! And he has a new album that you can listen to on the go. But not on spotify or an MP3 or even a CD. Mr. Remute chose to release his new album on the unconventional platform of a Nintendo Gameboy. That’s right. The album is on a small plastic cartridge meant for a portable video game system.  

Perhaps this is the natural progression for an artist who released his last album on Super Nintendo. Seriously. 

What is Remute trying to accomplish by only releasing his new music on over 30 year old antiquated video game devices? Is he trying to make listening to his new music as difficult as possible? Or does he admire the sound quality produced by an 8-bit gaming console?

The eccentric Remute actually feels it strips his music down to its basic components and creates a vintage sound similar to the original Detroit Techno. 

If anything, the gameboy has an interestingly eccentric feature of creating its sounds in real time. Those aren’t recorded songs you are hearing. That little box is actually playing the music live!


The Carl Cox avatar the world deserves!

So what is the burly Techno legend doing standing in a photo studio with dozens of high tech cameras surrounding him like a camera chicken coop? It’s because Sensorium Galaxy is creating an uncannily realistic virtual avatar of the one and only Carl Cox.

The Techno god will be immortalized in this new metaverse. Cox along with other famous dance music DJ heavyweights are being lined up for a series of virtual performances for PRISM, Sensorium Galaxy’s state of the art new VR platform set to debut later this year.

This brilliant new technology is being used to revolutionize the live music experience, connecting millions of people in an awesomely realistic yet fantastical digital space that could possibly become the standard as large live events slowly get phased out.

If this is a glimpse into the future, we’re just glad Carl Cox will still be there.


Techno for the Elderly

When strolling through Berlin, you might run into a sharp dressed senior citizen dancing down the streets as if he is at a rave. He is Günther Krabbenhöft and at 76, he is well beyond the age of your typical EDM fan.

“My pacemaker is the sound of House and Techno music,” proclaims Günther. “I hope it will be the soundtrack to my life for a long time to come.”

Believe it or not, Mr. Krabbenhöft used to be a fixture on the Berlin dance club scene. Just another patron only decades older and in a bowler hat and vest. But when the global pandemic hit, clubs closed and Günther had to pivot. He took his dancing to the streets and then became a fixture to the people in the city itself. With earbuds discreetly in his ears, people must have thought this old man was wandering around in a dementia induced haze. Nope. He’s just grooving to his favorite DJ.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: edm.com

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