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Time to celebrate! We pushed through another challenging year, and we're about to jump into the unknown of 2022. The world is still trying to adjust to the "new normal" that has embroiled in all of the spheres of our lives. Some of us have found our new strength, and some are still searching for it, but remember… there's no need to hurry.

Music has always played a massive part in any healing process, and for us Techno enthusiasts, Techno is what often helps us go through everyday life. Thus, we are here to look back at everything that happened in the world of Techno during December 2021. 


Berlin's techno culture should be protected by UNESCO, says organization Rave The Planet

Тhe non-profit organization, Rave the Planet, based in Berlin, is seeking UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) status for the city's techno culture. The campaign is supported by a large number of influential industry figures in Berlin, including Alan Oldham, "Love Parade" founder Dr. Motte, Peter Kirn, Tresor's Dimitri Hegemann, and Ellen Allie.

The initiative is lobbying the German authorities to apply for the UNESCO status, which, if granted, would open up access to government subsidies, and other funding and clubs would also get extra protection under town planning laws. 

According to Alan Oldham, a Detroit DJ who now lives in Berlin, the Techno culture is under threat.

"The music stands for creativity and freedom, which is what Berlin basically stands for. It's the signature of the city", he says. "UNESCO protection would help a lot towards establishing techno and club culture as a legitimate social force with historical value and worthy of government support, not just hedonistic, disposable club music and drugs," Oldham told the media. 

According to Kirn, "the status would help Berlin's techno culture at a time of enormous pressure, both because of the pandemic and ongoing gentrification and commercial pressures." 

"I think the application is relatively simple and, yeah, I think it's underway. The symbolic aspect of this, of being able to tell the story, may ultimately be the most important part at this moment", Kirn says. 


Sven Väth announced his first solo album in nearly 20 years

One of the most renowned names in the Techno music industry, an innovator in the scene and the brains behind "Cocoon," Sven Väth, announced his first solo album in nearly two decades, with the assistance of the famous producer Gregor Tresher.

The album named "Catharsis" will be diving into Sven's interest in exploring the physical and spiritual processes that happen when we move to music and find ourselves unified as one on the dancefloor.

"No dancing, no paradise! My imagination for this record was fueled by the many cultural experiences and encounters I have had in my life. They gave me the strength to find a way, the way to myself," says the artist.

The album is set to feature 13 tracks, with a handful of them such as "Feiern" and "Mystic Voices" (which are already available), and will be released on February 25, 2022. 


The Matrix Resurrections soundtrack featured Berlin techno legends

The fourth installment of the Matrix saga, "Matrix Resurrections," was probably one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. The official movie score, produced by the 25-year experienced duo Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer, got credited with an Oscar nomination. 

However, what makes this news especially exciting for Techno music fans is that the 35-track music score also features Berlin Techno legends, such as Marcel Dettmann, Gudrun Gut, and System 01. 

"I'm proud to announce my remix for "The Matrix Resurrections" is included in the official soundtrack." posted Marcel Dettmann on his social media. 

The iconic techno producer led the scoring effort on at least one particular scene and contributed a remix of "My Dream Ended Here" to the soundtrack.


Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) opening in April 2022

Frankfurt is getting its museum dedicated to electronic music, which is now confirmed to be the first of its kind to explore the history of dance music, and it will feature seven sections comprising performance areas and installations.

Each of these sections explores the impact of electronic music on art, fashion, and technology, while also digging into the influences of many electronic music sub-genres, such as ambient, drum & bass, house, techno music.

The grand opening will take place in April 2022, when MOMEM will launch with an exhibition titled "Sven Väth – It's Simple To Tell What Saved Us From Hell," a collaboration between DJ and producer Sven Väth and visual artist Tobias Rehberger. It will feature items from Väth's personal archives such as records, photos, and flyers. On April 8, Väth will visit MOMEM in person for a large public opening party.

The plans for the MOMEM were first revealed back in 2015 when its proprietors launched a pop-up trial run.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: jaegeroslo.no

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