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A new version of the Love Parade will be hosted in Berlin in 2022


Many dare to say there is one legendary parade, some might say there is only one. A parade that brought so many people together celebrating electronic music. Spreading love amongst each other and embracing freedom. The fall of a wall meant a new beginning. From 150 to 1.6 million ravers. The Love Parade was bigger than life, founded by Dr. Motte.

In 2004 he took a step back and focused on other things. On that day The Love Parade lost its soul and Berlin. It has been a decade since the last Love Parade and sixteen years since the last Dr. Motte’s Love Parade.


Risen out of the ashes

As the world's call for a new edition kept getting louder and louder, Dr. Motte’s fire was burning brighter and brighter. It just needed a new spark, and as in the earlier days the right people. After an exhibition in Berlin about the nineties he combined forces with his new contacts. Preparing the world for what was and will be again, the emerging of love and electronic music. The preservation and protection of the culture and its community.

Representing the same values added with a new mission accompanied by an expanded vision. To classify the culture of electronic dance music as Immaterial Cultural Heritage under the UNESCO. Rave The Planet wants to establish an official celebration of electronic dance music culture. A new parade rises from the ashes to become, like once again, an annual event. Progressively designed for the 21st century and guided by the spirit of the Love Parade, the spirit of Berlin.


One Vision, One Future

What started as a dream and sort of an early birthday party became the world’s largest parade. Famous for its excellent organisation. The ultimate expression of enjoyment of life and togetherness. Dr. Motte and his team already notified the authorities about the dates for the upcoming years. Securing a future for Rave The Planet.

To make it all possible they have set up a “Fundrave”. You can support the project by buying merch like sweaters, handbags and t-shirts. If you’re on a budget but still want to show your love you can choose to buy a figurine that will be placed in the real model of Rave The Planet. As you can see in the illustration above.

The shop is built out of containers in the middle of a mall in Berlin. Making an incredible impression on it’s first day. Amazing location and most of all the over-the-top model. If you only look at the model concept and the way they represent it, you feel the old spirit has returned. The spirit of love and togetherness. The Love Parade is reborn as Rave The Planet.

The first edition of the Rave The Planet is planned on the 9th of July in 2022. The venue will be announced in the future. It will be Berlin, at its true home.


We’d like to praise the team for its creativity and achievements. As Techno lovers ourselves we linger to a new Love Parade and are really glad to hear this news. Techno24/7 wishes the team good luck and will keep following the project.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: iheartberlin.de // nineties.berlin

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