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Get your body moving at Glitch in Malta


Leaving a year of rave-drought behind, Glitch Festival returns this year, ready to shake the grounds of Gianpula Village, Rabat, Malta. During a 4-day event, from 14th till the 16th of August, the techno, electronic, and house enthusiasts from all over the world will have the opportunity to finally enjoy what they've missed the most. 

Glitch Festival was founded by Karl Attard, Kevin Ellul, Andrew Grech, and Cain Farrugia in 2016. To this day, Glitch is still one of only two underground dance music festivals in Malta. It's primarily a techno and electro event. It is run entirely by locals, mostly self-funded, tourism-based, and supported by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA). 

It deserves all the respect it can receive.

For the 5th edition, Glitch Festival announces their biggest line-up to date. Expect to be blown away by the sounds of industry titans, live acts & rising stars. But, get excited, as they also promise an unforgettable adventure on 6 different stages. This includes boat parties, rooftop pool parties, secret cave raves, intimate Boiler Room stage...the list doesn't end here!


So, where's the party at?

The Fortress is the mainstay at the Glitch Festival, and here you will find the biggest and most iconic stages. This is where you can truly feel the magic of sound and color combined into an unforgettable experience. Golden sunsets and night skies, lit up by colorful stage lights and air filled with powerful House & Techno beats...

The Vaults were first introduced back in 2018. This old cave hosted the Dopplereffekt's live show back then. Glitch Festival gives this fantastic opportunity to enjoy your favorite music and the beauty of nature in the most unexpected and astonishing places.

The Cosmic stage is characterized by the trees that make the entire area successfully isolated from the rest of the festival grounds. It providis darkness which only helps the bright stage lights pop even more, adding a mystical power to the techno and electro sounds. 

Boiler Room debuted back in 2019 after a long anticipation. Feeling like your system needs a bit of euphoria? You'll find it here. Two full days of it! The Boiler Room is one of the most intimate and intense stages at Glitch. Expect it all, from italo-disco, acid, electro, techno to house...But, leave some room for surprises too.

The Bud X Orbit Stage debuted in 2019 as well. This is the festival's 2nd biggest stage, and this is where the heavy hitters stay all the way till the end.

The Rooftop is where you'll find the best poop parties. This stage is known to provide intense fun proceedings to a dramatic end.


Last but not least, the Glitch boat party will take place on Sunday the 16th of August. Setting sail with a carefully curated line-up of selectors, Glitch Festival is making sure this will be an unmissable, intimate, sun-soaked expedition. 

Sounds like it's about time to break out of the pandemic's chains and safely experience fun this summer? This year's lineup has yet to be announced, so keep your hopes high-you will not get disappointed! Make sure you pre-register for priority access on early-bird tickets for Glitch Festival 2021.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: festiticket.com

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