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Bazique Festival: A breath of fresh air for South African techno and electronic music fans


There is nothing more exciting than discovering new and unique music festivals. Passionate festival-goers don't mind hopping on a plane and taking long flights for an unforgettable music experience.

This time, we take you to Paarl, South Africa, for an adrenaline-fused 3-day Techno, House, Disco, and Electronic music festival called Bazique Festival.


New Festival

Bazique is a freshly baked cookie, "born" in 2018, yet it is already making history. It is a new international music and art-performance festival at a lakeside venue just an hour away from Cape Town. It is considered South Africa's latest musical pride, and it's getting global recognition. Well deserved!

Bazique Festival secures its high position on various lists of techno/electronic music festivals around the world. It is characterized by a breath-taking venue, immersive art installations, international and local musical acts, unique programming, and an incredible atmosphere. It features a floating stage and a vast playa for the night program, which only adds to its unique look and feel.

Suppose you want to forget about the real world for a bit. In that case, the scenic setting of the Ruitersvlei Wine Estate and the giant freshwater swimming lake will definitely help you imagine you’re in a fairytale till sunset. At the same time, the lush vineyards, the mountainous landscape of the Paarl valley, and the fresh afternoon winds give off a strong "Burning Man" vibe.



What to expect at the Venue?

  • Ukudlala Beach - the most recognizable stage characterized by a multi-colored material shading covering a large area in front of the booth.

  • Journeys End Island - shaped like a jellyfish in the middle of the lake. If you want to get there, you will have to use the ferry. It's worth it!

  • The Kraal - an African style, art-immersive way to go through the night and welcome the colorful sunrise.

  • La Fee Verte - a funk/disco/drag type of an electric ballroom.

  • Boombox Art Car - it features a lighting rig illuminating the playa each night. Silent Disco productions make sure the groovy ball is rolling for the evening programming at La Fee Verte.
    Bazique Festival is loved and respected by an impressive number of big DJ names.


In 2020, the lineup featured names such as Fabio, Ticon, Madmotormiquel, DJ Richard, Deadbeat, Bruno, Marcus Worgull, Floyd Lavine, DJ Shimza, Shift, Maximilian, Geometric Flux, Kanan K7, Dee, Anthea, Terr, Ivan Turanjanin, Sadhu Sensi, Nyx, Toby 2 Shoes, Bruno Morphet, Bazique, Rhino, Phat Jack, Richard Marshall, Paradise Citizens, Tommy Gun, Dogstarr, Karoo, Nia Blaq, Zee, Dj Ivan, Sacred Sun, El Gordo, Lectric Licks, Candice Heyns, Jews For Techno, Pardon Moi, Dtk, and Diskotekah.

However, the lineup for this year is yet to be confirmed due to the COVID-19 situation. Stay tuned and get excited for what's coming next. Bazique Festival is already a breath of fresh air for techno and electronic music fans, and it is expected to change the face of the South African rave scene.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: idmmag.com

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