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Raving on a budget


Two years ago, the world came face to face with a horrifying thing that changed the way we live and function today. Most countries went into lockdown, the borders closed, the social events were canceled, and a lot of venues and businesses had to shut down. The pandemic made living, socializing, working, and traveling difficult for many.

But things are slowly changing. For the better! Countries worldwide continue to re-open, and people are returning to their normal way of life…the "old normal," that is. 

With restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters, and music venues re-opening their doors and welcoming visitors back again, the comeback of the music festivals was the next logical step. Music enthusiasts and passionate festival-goers were desperate to return to the dancefloors. This year, they can finally freely do that! And artists, promoters, and festival organizers are ready more than ever to bring music back to life!

However, these unfortunate events came with nasty side effects, including the global financial crisis. Music festivals were never a cheap experience, but now, with the prices of gas, flights, and accommodations skyrocketing daily, they can be considered a luxury experience. 

So, are we hopeless? No! There are ways to have a fantastic festival experience without spending a lot of money on food, transport, hotels, clothes, and tickets. 

And here are our tips on how to rave on a budget…and have fun!


Plan ahead

Whatever you do, make sure you have enough time to plan your trip and everything that goes along with it at least a couple of weeks ahead. Get familiar with the festival you want to attend on time, plan your budget and save up for it. See if camping is an option for you. It tends to be a cheaper alternative to hotels and Airbnb. 

Don't forget, the longer you wait, the more money you'll spend. This includes purchasing the festival tickets on time, booking cheaper flying tickets early, or saving up for gas if you plan to go by car. If a car is your transport of choice, ask your friends if they want to carpool with you. That way, you will split the gas bill. 

Also, try to avoid scammers and go with well-known and high-ranked companies. You might come across some sellers that will offer you an entrance ticket or accommodation for a suspiciously low price, so make sure you calculate all risks. No need to stress out. Remember, you can always sell your ticket later on if you change your mind!


Food prep 

One of the highest hidden costs at festivals is food. And when we dance for days and nights, we need to keep our bodies fully nourished and hydrated. Thus, we tend to spend a lot on food and drinks to compensate for the lost energy. At the end of the festival, our wallets really reflect that. So, what can we do here?

Whether you're attending a camping festival or planning to book an Airbnb where you can bring your own food, make sure you prepare and pack enough precooked, canned, and easy-to-make dishes. Festival food can be costly, and sometimes, even stores near the festival sites spike up their prices, knowing they'll have more hungry and thirsty customers and hoping they'll make more profit that way. Additionally, you can save on bottled water by bringing your own refillable water bottle. This way, you are saving money while saving the environment. 


Save up on clothes

Of course, you want to look the best when you get there, and you can't imagine yourself dancing in an uncomfortable outfit. No matter how superficial it may seem, your raving outfit can really make or break your festival experience. Planning your festival fit is one of the best and most exciting parts, and it's a real temptation to splurge on new fun and sexy clothing items. 

But hold up! Ask yourself: Do you really need it? Can you reuse some of your old clothes that are still in good shape? Can you, perhaps, alter some of your old pieces? Countless Youtube tutorials can teach you how to transform a plain black t-shirt into a fun raving outfit! Or, you can always borrow some of your friends' items. But if you really, really feel like you need to buy something new, check out some sites that offer discount codes. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is having fun and feeling comfortable. Remember, ultimately, you're there for the music!


Bring cash, not a credit card

Losing your credit card or getting it stolen from you is one concern, but having it on you at all times gives you the sense of freedom and convenience to use it for whatever reason. Instead, plan your budget beforehand. 

Make a list of everything you might need during the stay and plan your finances around that. Bring with you as much as you've planned. That will prevent you from spending on some attractive but ridiculously expensive stuff at the festival, like merchandise. These things can be tempting but overpriced.


Souvenirs are cute, but…

Understandably, we all want to take a souvenir back home with us. Whether it's a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cap or a beanie, a mug, a keychain, or a flag… you'll find it all at the festival site. And usually, they cost a lot! It's safe to say they're often the most expensive part of the festival experience. 

So, make sure you limit yourself to one or maybe two souvenir pieces at max. Remember that there are way more important things you will be spending your money on. Plus, the festival merchandise is often available online. So, wait for a while until you get back home. Their prices may even drop by then. And if you have no luck, you can at least hold onto your ticket and wristband as a heartwarming souvenir.  

Ready for this spring and summer festival season? Time to start planning! And remember, having fun doesn't need to be expensive. But it should be memorable. 


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: pexels.com

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