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How to have fun and stay safe while camping at a music festival?


Camping at a music festival is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find it so uncomfortable that they are ready to give up on the whole festival experience. Not bringing the proper equipment with you and not having the right state of mind can turn festival camping into an unbearable adventure. But does it have to be that way?

We’re offering a list of tips and tricks to help you make your festival camping experience safe and fun.


1. Prepare upfront and search for the best camp spot 

Finding the right camping spot plays a significant role in the whole camping experience. You don’t want to sleep near the dumpsters and public toilets. When it comes to camping, leaving things until the last minute is not the best idea. By inspecting the campsite upfront, you will avoid the crowds, find some good shade and level ground.


2. Purchase a good quality tent 

When you’re purchasing a camping tent, make sure you get one composed mainly of mesh and a separate rain fly, which will keep the air fresh and dry. And when it comes to tents, remember - size matters! Make sure you get the right size for the number of people sleeping in it, and maybe consider sizing up for comfort. However, this doesn’t mean you need to waste a fortune on a tent. People can easily trip and fall over it, so keep in mind that you will most likely bring it back home a bit damaged. 

Last but not least, consider getting a brightly colored tent, using some bright paint or a flag so that you can make your tent easy to memorize and find in the crowd.


3. Complete your tent with a good quality sleeping pad and a sleeping bag

Even the hottest summers can surprise you with a few chilly nights, and the least you want is to catch a cold at a festival. To avoid that, make sure you pack up a nice sleeping bag. And remember, keeping warm and being well-rested is crucial for your health and energy level, so don’t forget to invest in a good quality mattress. 


4. Earplugs and eye masks

Sleeping may not be high on your priority list, but you will still want to get some rest. Once the DJs have stopped performing, you will most likely keep hearing loud chattering and people playing music from their portable speakers. Block the sounds with a pair of earplugs. And the eye mask will help you prolong your sleep in the mornings, blocking out the sun rays coming through your tent. 


5. Food and drinks - Dos and Don’ts

Some festivals are known for their food vendors and the delicious meals you can find there. However, most of the time, festival-goers bring their own products and cook their own food, so consider bringing a small burner and a pot with you, as well as camp chairs, a folding table, a cooler, and some plates and silverware.

Stay away from foods that go bad quickly in hot weather (dairy products, chocolate, fruit that can go mushy); instead, opt for ready-made meals (canned foods, noodles, dry foods).

Most importantly, get plenty of water, and remember to stay hydrated!


6. Pack some comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear 

You will be moving around, jumping, and dancing, so make sure you are comfortable while doing it. And for those chilly nights, get some pieces you could layer on top of each other. Footwear-wise, consider bringing a comfortable pair of broken-in shoes and a pair of slippers for showering that you can wear around the camp too. 


7. Stay safe

One way to secure your tent is to make it as less appealing as possible. Always keep your valuables away from the entrance and use a padlock on your tent’s zip. Another essential tip is always to have your ID, cash, and telephone with you.


8. Toiletry

Besides the basics that include soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant, you may also want to bring baby wipes with you. They will keep you fresh and clean at times when you can’t reach the shower. Also, make sure you get your hand sanitizer with you. With Covid still being around, keeping your hands clean at all times is essential. Additionally, don’t forget to bring a mosquito repellant with you, because those little guys know how to ruin a good party. 


9. Gadgets

Flashlight, Bluetooth speakers, power bank...they can be a lifesaver sometimes. You will eventually get lost and won’t be able to find your tent; your phone will eventually die mid filming a breathtaking light show; you will eventually want to play your favorite track when the artists are not playing, so make sure you have these items in your backpack. 


10. Don’t drink too much alcohol

There’s a thin line between having fun and making yourself feel sick. Don’t forget that alcohol is a depressant; it will bring your energy level and overall mood down, you will feel sleepy, and your mornings will be dreadful. So, maybe avoid drinking too much. 

Camping at a music festival is supposed to be fun, and the best way you can enjoy it is to make sure you preplan the event and do everything you can to stay safe. Follow these ten tips next festival season, and make sure you have a blast!


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: fireflyfestival.com

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