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Festival Tycoon - The Video Game That Helps You Build The Festival Of Your Dreams


Ever since the virus-that-shall-not-be-named "decided" to take over the whole planet, the world went through all sorts of restrictions, from mandatory mask-wearing and canceling social gatherings to music venue shutdowns and total lockdowns. The new circumstances pushed back all social events. However, many "survived" by just simply moving online, including music festivals and raves. 

And this is not where people's creativity stopped. These challenging times served as a perfect opportunity for innovative minds to create something new and engaging for the people stuck at home. 

Luckily, it seems like the storm is calming down. Many different countries worldwide are removing their restrictions, and live music events have been back in our lives for a while now. But this still doesn't mean the world has ultimately returned to its "normal" previous state. Due to the mandatory vaccine certificates, many still can't access social events, and some don't feel comfortable meddling with strangers just yet. Some simply want something different and unique that will also provide significant creative freedom and imaginative stimulation. 

Needless to say, the gaming industry witnessed a surge, and games such as "Festival Tycoon'' were "born." But what makes "Festival Tycoon'' even more remarkable is that it is more than an online raving experience. At its core, this game is more of a business venture, split into two phases: the build phase and the management phase. And just like in real life, you start at the bottom with little money, and you are on your way to building an empire...if you can. 


For festival enthusiasts

Entirely developed by Driehaus over the course of two years, the video game "Festival Tycoon" allows its users to build the music festival of their dreams from their own computer desk. They can plan the festival's layout, book talents, set ticket prices, find sponsors, react to festival events in Live Mode, and do whatever they feel like it's needed to make visitors happy. 

The game allows its players to create and manage their own music festival empire, equipped with stages, visitors, and a lineup. Those who aim to grow their festival into a massive global event will have to maintain their company's reputation through carefully booking performers, signing deals, fixing toilets, planting flowers, etc. This will eventually bring them attention from big artistic names and huge sponsors. 

However, those who can't reach that point, or simply don't feel like it, can jump into sandbox mode and create voxel-art festivals according to their own wishes and standards. 

With its colorful, simple 3D models and impressive lighting effects, "Festival Tycoon" pays tribute to the games of the 90s. It is just the perfect game for people who are very picky and have high standards regarding the lineups and how the festivals look. Aside from that, the game also offers a wide range of music genres to fit various musical tastes and preferences, from folk and pop to rock, techno, and more. The players can hire bands and DJs while balancing a finite budget. 

It is definitely not an overstatement to say that this is one of the most original game ideas we've seen in a while.


The guy behind "Festival Tycoon" and the game's "Early Access" stage

Behind the alias Driehaus is a guy named Johannes Gäbler. Johannes is a solo developer who creates his debut game "Festival Tycoon" alongside his studies at University in Vienna. In 2020 Driehaus received funding from the Vienna Business Agency to help launch Festival Tycoon into Steam Early Access.

"Festival Tycoon" was released on Stream on 27 September 2021, but the game is still in its early development, which is why it is currently in an "early access" stage. It will remain like that for about six months, depending on how quickly the creator can roll out updates. 

With this in mind, players can expect some hiccups and bugs, but those who want to help the development of the game can purchase it now. 

"Festival Tycoon is developed mainly by a single person - me, and so far, the game is playable but still a long way from complete! Right now, you can create and manage your own festivals, but in the future, you will be able to build on your successes to create bigger and better events while unlocking new opportunities along the way. If you like the look of the game and think it has the potential to be something great, I would like to invite you along for the journey. Your support and feedback are the most important pieces of the puzzle. Either way, you can expect the Early Access version to be continuously expanded and improved; it's the base for all the great features waiting to be added!" says Gäbler on "Festival Tycoon" 's Stream page.

The game is currently only available on Windows.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: futurefriendsgames.notion.site

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