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Beer is a ravers best friend and we don’t even realize it.


Beer is probably the most beloved recreational adult beverage in the history of the human race.  Its international popularity is only surpassed by tea and water. But being the bloating, sleep inducing depressant that causes you to urinate like a horse would seem uncomplimentary to rave culture and dancing in general. Of course we all know that’s untrue. A beer belongs in your hand on any dance floor and it's not just for the intoxicating effects. Beer has more in common with Techno than just a German heritage.

From football matches, to weddings, we have been generationally programmed to know that beer equals fun! Historical records of beer brewing and consumption can be traced back to the ancient middle east. And every country has its own beer, making it both a traditional and universal connector of peoples. 

It is almost impossible to have a party (any party) without beer. It's the friendly alcoholic beverage that rarely makes you get too-drunk-too-fast. Also, the presence of beer is usually felt at clubs and festivals, because the party is often sponsored by a brand of beer. Even if you aren’t drinking it, you’re bound to see Heinken printed on banners, or Budwiewer written on cups or Juniper written on the shirts of staff. Beer is usually the drink of choice with Techno DJ’s. That’s partly because it allows the DJ to maintain a nice, steady buzz instead of getting wasted as they keep the party going. Beer also serves as a form of payment for their sets at many venues. Drinks  on the house!


Los Angeles based Techno DJ, Truncate has a passion for exotic beers that even rivals his passion for Techno music. His profession has allowed him to travel the globe and be exposed to an international selection of craft beers. Does he drink while spinning and producing? You bet! “While I’m DJing, depending on the city, the promoters will be really cool and pick me up some local craft beers.” says Truncate. 

Truncate explains the bond between Techno and beer on an aesthetic and spiritual level.  “With techno, there’s a certain formula you stick with, and then you can veer off those formulas and go in a different direction, just like with beer.” Truncate philosophizes. “Let’s say an IPA: it’s gotta have hops and barley. But then you can start throwing in some fruit, or experiment while still sticking with the original ingredients. And that’s like techno: You have your base instruments, but then you can experiment with different sounds and go in different directions, but still keep it techno.”


Craft brewing is also the side passion of Japanese Techno DJ Ken Ishii. On his journey to becoming a master brewer of West Coast IPA, he realized the similarities between brewing with his beer team and collaboration with other artists and producers in his music. “It always becomes something different in the end from what is originally expected,” says Ishii. “Which is an exciting part of collaboration though.” Now that’s what I call a remix!

And now, there is at least one beer specifically brewed for the Techno community! Scotish craft brewery, Dance Haus Brewing, has developed a beer appropriately call “Techno Liquor: Blonde Ale”. Finally, a beer ravers can hold a beer with the label out and be proud. 

So beer is here to stay! It has basically been here forever and is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will be welcome in rave culture for years to come. It is like the older, wiser brother to, wilder, less mature substances like K and X. Keeping them in check, maintaining balance in the party and having a good burp in the process. 


Disclaimer: Techno 24/7 does not want to stimulate the use of drugs described in this format. If you’d happen to be addicted to any drugs described, please contact your local services for help.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: drinkawaste.co

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