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If you ever have been to a party you probably have been in contact with one of the most famous pills. Decorated with various shapes, icons and colors. Taken by the people of the night. Alright take your bottle of water, let’s dive into the world of ecstasy or better known as XTC.

XTC is widely known as the tablet form of MDMA. A recreational used psychoactive drug. Increasing energy, empathy, pleasure and giving altered sensations. Why do people take it? What are the risks?



Developed by Merck in 1912. Researched by the Shulgin couple in the 60’s as this drug looked very promising for psychotherapy. It allows humans to open up themselves and don’t feel boundaries to talk about their life. Until the war on drugs started and the research stopped right away. From then on therapists and researchers had to operate secretly. Despite the war on drugs many believed in the potential of MDMA for therapeutic uses.

It evolved into a street drug in the 80’s. Becoming the go-to drug for ravers. Clubs, festivals and house parties became its home. The music and lights trigger your senses in a whole other way. You become more connected. Once it kicks in after 30 to 45 minutes you are ready for the next 3 to 6 hours. Your body temperature will rise while dehydration kicks in. People who have ever used it know one important thing. Drink Water, but not too much!

Pills or Crystals

MDMA is the pure form and can be found in the form of crystals. Kind of a brownish color. Some prefer to take this instead over the pill version. There is less risk being combined with other chemicals and therefore potential less mental and physical damage. MDMA can also be found in powder form, often this form evolves into the pill form. Some pills contain MDMA and Ketamine, which can be a deadly cocktail!

Despite being one of the most used drugs in de rave culture, there are a lot of possible risks in the short and long term. One of the most important consequences are heart problems, damage to liver, kidneys and other organs. If it’s too strong people can die from a heart attack. 

If you ever consider using XTC or MDMA be sure to inform yourself. There are options to test your drugs to make sure you know what you’re getting into, or not. Decrease the risks as much as possible but that doesn’t make it safe. Be surrounded by trustful people, it can always go wrong. Drink a lot of water but not too much, it can lead to water poisoning. Two glasses per hour are enough.


Disclaimer: Techno 24/7 does not want to stimulate the use of drugs described in this format. If you’d happen to be addicted to any drugs described, please contact your local services for help.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: decorrespondent.nl

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