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Museum of Modern Electronic Music to open with a Sven Väth exhibition this April


Frankfurt is one of the birthplaces of European Electronic Music and home to legendary clubs like Dorian Gray, OMEN, Cocoon, U60311, Monza, and XS. But this year, Frankfurt has a new reason to celebrate. The city will get its long-awaited and well-deserved museum dedicated to Electronic music. 

After years of delay due to funding issues, the Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will finally open on April 6th, directly in the heart of the capital, at the Hauptwache.

Initially planned to open in October of 2021, the revolutionary new museum will feature exhibition rooms, performance areas, installations, and library space, offering its visitors a chance to immerse themselves fully in the history and development of Electronic music.

The grand opening will be celebrated with the collaborative exhibition named "Sven Väth – It's simple to tell what saved us from Hell "—a project by close friends Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger. The show, curated by sculptor Tobias Rehberger, delves into the German Techno DJ and producer's private record collection, art, photographs, flyers, etc.


The idea for MOMEM dates from 2015

According to MOMEM's official website, the museum is about Electronic Music which significantly shaped younger cultural history. 

With that, MOMEM is imagined as "a platform for newcomers and veterans, artists and fans, lovers of music and history, people from Frankfurt, and people from everywhere" and a "place to explore, conserve and relive the historical dimensions and influences of Electronic Music." 

On its official page, it is also described as "a journey from the beginning to the future. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from museum into a stage into a bar into an academy. A reactive environment in the heart of Frankfurt. A museum not for visitors but for guests".

The museum's director, Alex Azary, a famous Berlin Techno and electro artist who has been producing music for more than two decades, was first inspired to create the institution by Andreas Tomalla, aka DJ Talla 2XLC (the founder of Technoclub). It was Tomalla who came up with the initial vision for the museum back in 2011.

The project was announced back in 2015, and three years later, there was a pop-up trial organized in 2018. 

"The new museum's initiators propose to show the development of Electronic music in all its facets and influences in a way suited to visitors of all ages. Apart from visual documentation, the audience will also be able to immerse themselves in the experience through touch and, most of all, sound. The concept encompasses far more than a regular museum setting: readings and talks, as well as events and guest performances by artists featured in the exhibition, are also envisaged. In addition, DJs and producers will run workshops and seminars for the next generation in the affiliated academy and offer an in-depth look at working in a studio", the Museums Ufer's official website reads.


Sven Väth – It's simple to tell what saved us from hell
The exhibition "Sven Väth – It's simple to tell what saved us from hell" will celebrate 40 years of this legendary DJ remembering unforgettable performances around the world. It will offer the visitors an unmissable chance to step into Väth's audio-visual world. Designed by Väth's world-famous friend and artist Tobias Rehberger, the visitors will be able to get in contact with his extensive archive containing photographs, movies, artworks, sounds, and spectacular art pieces.

Speaking about the opening day show, MOMEM director Alex Azary said, "There is no better opening exhibition for MOMEM. Because Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger have each, in their own way, taken Electronic music culture from Frankfurt to the world."

But Azary's not the only one who is stoked about the museum's opening. Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger both seem excited to share their story just as much.

"We are very much looking forward to working together on this exhibition and are ourselves excited to see where this joint journey will take us", they say.

Frankfurt effectively creates a trend through this project and does something new in Techno and house music genres. With that in mind, any Techno and Electronic music fan should make an effort to visit this opening exhibition and MOMEM in general.


Author: Techno 24/7

Pic: festivalsherpa.com

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