About us

Techno 24/7 is an independent and international platform that brings music and culture together.
We want to inspire and educate, be different from what is already there! 


It all began in 2013, when a bunch of us from all around the world with various backgrounds,
were blessed to connect through the scene by sharing the same passion for Techno Music and Arts.
Shortly after, it became the favourite Techno platform for many of the genre followers and professionals. 
For over a decade, we made our contributions by producing music, creating events,
managing & developing artists on our record labels, and so on.


Our main focus for now is editorial content of good quality.
We will guide you through the most exciting Techno Music and Events worldwide.
We cover Artists, Events, Brands and Venues who are already on the radar,
and most importantly those who also deserve much more recognition.


Techno 24/7 is simply dedicated to Techno Lovers & Ravers around the globe! 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. 


Ohhh! and don’t forget to always keep an eye out as we reveal thrilling surprises!


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